Why Work Relationships Matter


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Human beings are wired for connection. They look for purpose, a sense of belonging, and to be a part of or contribute to a goal that is bigger than themselves. 

When it comes to work, most people spend a decent portion of their waking hours with work colleagues. This means that those relationships take up a large amount of people’s time, energy, and emotion. If the relationships are healthy, that is great! But if they are turbulent, to say the least, this can affect a lot of variables such as work performance, and it may even bleed into personal life. 

This is why work relationships matter, and this piece will discuss how to keep these relationships healthy, and the implications that may arise if this is not the case.

Positive Relationships Correlate With Job Satisfaction

study in 2016 showed that relationships with co-workers are one of the top driving forces of both job satisfaction and engagement. This is hardly surprising when employees spend a good portion of their time with others, in an environment that is to some degree, mandatory. 

Nurturing these relationships from a business point of view is great for both the business and the colleagues. Examples of this could be team-building exercises, days out, or having lunch together. 

Positive Relationships Create a Sense of Loyalty

When co-workers have good relationships with each other, it can have a profound impact on their sense of loyalty to the company and also each other. These relationships foster a psychological connection that gives employees the perception that there is more value in their daily work—very much a “We’re all in this together” mentality.

Positive Relationships Create a Sense of Value

From a business owner’s perspective, one of the most beneficial processes is to create a work culture that nurtures co-workers’ relationships with each other. The culture of a workplace or a business is very important when it relates to the happiness of its employees and creating a space that embodies positivity and inclusiveness. A relationship between employee and employer can significantly impact the quality of work and commitment in the workplace, so create an atmosphere that encourages employees to see their value.

 For a more systematic and actional approach, an employee relationship management system can certainly help keep an organized and personal relationship between employee and employer that can be nourished. 

Positive Relationships Contribute to Finding Solutions 

When morale is high and relationships with co-workers are nourished, they are much more able and willing to find solutions to workplace problems and work together to achieve them. When people work together and great results are achieved, it sparks pride and encourages people to look forward to going to work, which, in turn, creates a brilliant atmosphere and a well-running business. 

Positive Relationships Create a Support Network

Those who are friends with their co-workers have the benefit of a support network that has been created just for them. No one else understands the trials and tribulations of a workplace more than co-workers do, so having people to confide in who are able to listen and empathize with specific work-related issues can be very therapeutic and integral to workplace happiness.

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