What Makes Mobile Apps and Games Succeed Time After Time?


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For starters, many factors affect the continuous success of a mobile app. Given that mobile app development is one of the most prominent trends being followed by many companies to grab the highest revenue. But not so fast. Before that, app development industries need to make sure their developed app gets consistent success.

And to ensure your mobile game app’s success, you need to make constant changes to your app with the changing technology.

For instance, consider the success story of Pokémon Go. It swayed plenty of companies to dive into the era of Augmented Reality. And it’s very true; the technology of Augmented Reality is one of the elements for its ongoing success. 

We’ve pulled together a few things that helped mobile apps and games constantly succeed in this article. And perhaps you can adopt these effective methods for the majestic success of your mobile app or game too.

1. Quicker Release with Novel Features 

Releasing new features before others do it, always a good practice to hook end users to your app. As a result, that’ll undoubtedly get the app a long-lasting success. The users’ expectations are no longer static at this age and time, and they expect new things in the latest apps. And in some cases, they expect new things even in the latest updates for old apps. Know that this is the reason behind eminent apps’ success.

Furthermore, in this digital-driven era, the competition is as tough as leather. And keeping up with the target users’ expectations is the only way around getting that continuous success. So the sooner it’s out in the open, the more chances it’ll succeed. Besides, it’ll give you more exposure than your competitors.

That’s why

This slice contains the approaches to consider for the app’s long-term success.

  • Adopt new methodologies – Speed-to-market requires app developers to adopt new and fast building methodologies, which means rapid development, testing and launching. 
  • Implement test automation – under no event, you can skip the app testing phase, which certainly guarantees app quality. However, human testing may slow the pace; thus, you may need to implement test automation to keep the quality intact and yield an app in no time.
  • Ensure parallel execution – performing things in chunks and parallelly can help accelerate the app development process. And hence, yield mobile game app success. 

Besides, you can even develop your state-of-the-art practice that ensures a faster product to the market.

2. Cover New Devices and OS Versions

Always keep up with the changing mobile operating system versions for securing mobile game app success. You may find it challenging and cope up with the fast-releasing versions of iOS and Android, but you have to no matter what. Since the users are ruthless, they never reconsider giving you an ugly rating and review on the app stores. And once that happens, your all struggle will go wasted.

It’s pretty challenging and somewhat impossible to maintain updating an app concerning the new mobile OS versions. It is the reason behind several prominent companies’ downfalls.


  • Choose only an on-demand cloud-based device farm – despite investing in various operating systems, choose minimum to save the burning budgets.
  • Set up a fixed monthly cost – you can also set a monthly fixed fee for your version update and make your mobile app more compatible with the new mobile OS. 
  • Hire a small team – to save your app from destruction, you can hire a small team of app developers to control the version updates.

3. Study the Real User Environment

Being more focused on the app and developing streamlined features is not enough – maybe the end-user doesn’t want that feature. Therefore, it is necessary to study user needs and to give them the best user experience. Not to mention countless companies collect user data and analyze them to invent new and phenomenal user experiences to satisfy users with their apps to ensure continued mobile app success.

And the real user environment also involves any disturbing circumstances. That includes GPS location, G/4G speed, signal strength, low memory, notification interruption, resume interaction, and many more. To offer the best user experience, you should address many real user issues. For instance, the game app must continue from where the user left off – useful resume feature, provide compressed data usage on slow 3G/4G networks. All and all, the app must be fully streamlined to ensure the best user experience. As best user experience can confirm mobile game app success. 


  • Build in-house solution – you can develop an internal solution to mimic the actual user environment and achieve the best user experience.
  • Keep the app sufficient and straightforward under any situation. You need to make the app simple for user comprehension and make it work under the myriad challenging problem. For instance, it should work offline to help keep users engaged, have a fast reloaded feature, and be compressed under slow internet.
  • Constantly test your app and fix bugs – you need to continually test your app and improve where you might think it’s glitching.

4. Constant App Store Optimization

You never know how rapidly changing people’s demands, and needs are. Thus, optimizing your app on each passing day for more visibility is always a good practice—one of the top reasons for mobile game apps success.

App Store Optimization affects the ranking of the app in the app store. And a good ASO strategy can help your app get more success. Not to mention many companies constantly optimize their apps on the changing trends. Besides, ASO works closely with mobile SEO to affect the positioning of your app in the app store and search engines. So optimizing your app can help it reach more users and eventually lead it to more downloads. That, in turn, to the long-standing success. 


  • Form an explicit ASO strategy for long-lasting app visibility.
  • Pick the right app name – explore trending keywords using ASO tools and name your app working around those keywords.
  • Write an engaging and comprehensive app description. 

Wrap Up

Then again, many other factors besides these mentioned above in this article exist and can help mobile apps and games succeed time after time. But all these steps, as mentioned earlier, are the main ones. The drastic change in this world also demands a difference in the existing belongings it holds. Hence, change is inevitable, and we have to keep up to ensure our current success for longer. Being static will drag you to the very bottom of this world. This is why keep up!

If you have an iOS app that you want to maintain its success, hire iPhone app developers to update and manage your mobile app constantly. 

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