3 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way Colleges Recruit Students


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These days more than ever before, a greater number of universities are struggling to bring in the enrollment numbers that they want from year to year. Not only do rising tuition costs tend to encourage prospective students to consider alternative options for education, but most universities are already under a great deal of financial stress as it is. When a school is unable to make their enrollment numbers from year to year, they face the risk of having to make cuts elsewhere.

The good news is that with modern technology, there are still some untapped resources that many schools have begun to explore. Technology has changed the landscape for a great many industries already, so it is no wonder that universities are now employing technology to help them recruit students.

Here are just three of the ways that schools are using technological means to recruit and bring in students.

1. Tailored Digital Marketing

Most, if not all schools have some form of marketing department on staff. However, the job of a school’s marketing team is vastly different today than it was a few decades ago. Through the use of technology, marketing teams are able to reach more prospective students on a variety of digital platforms. Instead of marketing on traditional platforms, schools have had to learn the ins and outs of digital and online marketing in order to reach the largest number of prospective students.

Some schools are opting to take advantage of all that social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have to offer. Others are taking a greater step and employing the help of full-service digital marketing agencies like Sextant to tailor-make marketing campaigns for them. Such companies specialize in marketing to prospective students making their knowledge and research on the subject invaluable. 

2. Websites

Several decades ago, a school might have a bit of information on their website about their mission, origin, and the various programs that they offer. These days, though, websites can be used as valuable tools for universities looking to recruit more students. 

By building and maintaining a website that is rich in content and incredibly informative for prospective students, schools can better engage students and get them more excited about joining their ranks. Ultimately, a strong, SEO-friendly website can go a long way to helping a school recruit more students.

3. IT

When most people think about the roles and jobs of an IT department, they don’t necessarily consider student recruitment to be on that list. However, a school’s IT department can actually play a pivotal role in recruitment efforts. Since so much of student recruitment now involves at least some element of technology, it is important that a school’s IT staff is able to support those efforts. 

From website maintenance to keeping databases running smoothly and up to date, an IT department at a school has much to do these days when it comes to recruitment. Any school looking to utilize technology to bring in students should ensure that their IT department is up to the challenge of supporting those efforts.

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