The top-secret to Start the Most Trending, Highest Grossing Tech Business in COVID 19


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Thinking of a new Startup

The business economy in the year 2020 start has been negatively impacted due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. The whole world is set back by what happened. While you know you have to forgive and rise above.

To be honest, presently! To think of a well-established business to do well is farfetched a dream, let alone a startup. That being said, a little gift always appears to those who do not wait for the opportunity to knock but build their own door.

Yes! Right now we can recognize this is not a cake-walk for many offline businesses. This is where we need to overcome old archaic ideas and do some epic business by— Building a Web & App Clone, Building Dollars, Fulfilling a Dream Already built.

What about you? What’s the one gift you can give your quarantined, social distancing self this year? What’s the one gift that will be harbored for generations? It’s a digital business platform.

Which is the top trending, money-making Tech Business 2020

The top trending business right now is with using technology. People around the globe, particularly the aspiring entrepreneurs are wondering about commencing a new venture using technology.

To help young minds attain great success, USA based Ibiixo Technologies is harnessing aspirants with innovative business working models. These are based on multi-vendor custom on-demand scripts that are driven of custom on-demand solutions rather than off the track scripts.

Why Clone Apps are most favored for launching on-demand businesses startup

These custom on-demand business solutions serve easy solutions to people juggling long with a problem of achieving success in an online universe. Ibiixo Technologies is one such provider that offers custom ready-to-go solution service, clone apps to peeps in metropolitan areas of the USA. The world’s top online marketplace script including Airbnb Clone, Thumbtack Clone, Uber Clone, etc. are served along.

What is the best way to maximize profits with clone apps

Clone Apps are presently the most profitable and productive for an ideal business startup. Getting to know the worth of an already operating business and creating a business level up not only require minimal investment, minimal efforts but leads to great success.

One of USA’s promising Web & App Development Company –Ibiixo develops Custom Ready-To-go solution in the ingenious concept as per the delivery module. If you are all willing to take a plunge into the on-demand delivery industry, then reach out to ibiixo.

What is the earning potential with clone apps

If the cloned app is as outstanding as the elite as the one, and, then you get more download, more ads, more leads, thus more money.

The top Virtual Gaming apps produce an average of $22,250 daily, while entertainment apps also make around $3,090 daily. Thus, there is no single figure to quote as to how much an average app makes. But if it’s secured, scalable and customizable, it is liable to make money afar measure.

P.S:- Virtual Gaming Apps are a multi-million dollar making pursuit. There is still a huge window of opportunity for a lucrative business in less complex apps and home clean services.

What are the most profit-making clone apps for a 2020 startup

Here’s the list of some top-earning web & app clones that you can start without worrying about self-isolation, a money crunch, or Covid-19.

Airbnb Clone

This Automated rental app makes money for real. Can you believe Airbnb raked in $839 million revenue in 2019 which surged up by 31% in 2018? It’s true. And the fact is that figures can vary dramatically based on the quality of service you provide and the location.

  • How to start a successful Airbnb Business

You can actually encounter staggering revenue generation by getting developed an automated vacation rental platform with Ibiixo’s impeccable Airbnb Clone Script.

To make the most of your vacation rental app development business, saving time, money, effort, and reducing competition in rentals while being the user’s top choice, join top clone developer in the USA. With ibiixo, you get the opportunity to customize, multi-domain & manage Act-Alike-Airbnb- Anywhere.

Thumbtack Clone

What needs for a Thumbtack to be victorious is its user interface. It needs to be such that it has been revolutionized by attributes from the top service booking apps in the industry.

  • How to start a successful Thumbtack clone script business?

If you are looking to develop a 100% Customizable & scalable Thumbtack Clone, then Ibiixo is the perfect option that provides you Custom Ready-To-Go Solution.

You can expect your thumbtack clone like that of Angieslist. The site is a genie in the comprehensive home service industry. It claims to have beaten behind the premium Craiglist and Yelp earning in revenue of $1.3billion as of 2019.

The Ibiixo’s custom ready-to-go script can be pre-built, customized to develop a variety of solutions. furthermore limitless potential Thumbtack clone script.

Uber Clone

One of the premium taxi-booking applications caters to global relief and security for passengers worldwide. Out of other Uber services, Uber Taxi alone earned a gross revenue of $3.16 Billion in 2019. The figure makes Uber Taxi staying far ahead of the Acme-of-all—Tesla.Inc at $2.47 Billion.

  • How to start a successful Rental taxi business?

Uber Clone is a way to set your startup goal on fire. The Taxi business can be a journey worthwhile that would leave its imprints for generations to come. 

This will be a hassle-free business model that will not just change your life but in turn change the lives of others, your users. Not only you will master in delivering seamless rides but can keep a track of the staggering earnings with the back to back rides.

Virtual gaming Apps

Global mobile app revenue is estimated to touch $200 billion business by 2020. The figure is a shoot up of more than 200% from 2015.

  • How to start a successful online gaming business?

Gaming apps rule the roost of highest-earning apps. As of 2019, “Honor of Kings” making $1.95 million daily revenue, “Fortnite by Battle Royale ” $1.8 million per day revenue, following Candy Crush Saga raking in $1.3 million daily through free apps with in-app purchases, showed an impressive 40% approximate increase from their revenue in 2017.

To start with sure-to-succeed online gaming business, Ibiixo VR App Development Company can assist you to get access to people’s first choice.


The worldwide app market is skyrocketed since its inception and presents NO signs of a downtrend. If you seek to remain updated with the next big thing in the app development industry, to cash in the fortune in the digital market, Ibiixo Technologies can be ANGEL ASSISTANT. 

This web & app clone development company has made endless startup Techies help succeed at all that they set mind to. The service provider works on the protocol of Custom Ready-to-Go solution for your On-demand apps rather than readymade clone apps.

This means not only you get the opportunity to stand out in the overtly oversaturated app store market but you get the fortunate chance to enter Billionaire Boys Club. All the extras offered in Ibiixo’s services won’t cost you a dime.

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