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Let’s start the blog for the Top 10 Spanish Courses in India. Spanish has a unique flavor and appeal in its dialects. The sounds that words produce are rhythmic and soft to the ears. It keeps you intact in its tone, pace, and music. Every time you speak in Spanish, you will feel that tongue is dancing with staggered movements. Besides its musical quality, Spanish is also famous for its use in global business. Many countries have Spanish as the official language. Leave Spain aside; the entire South American continent speaks Spanish. This blog will discuss the Top Spanish Courses in India, fees, duration, timings, and the type of Spanish certificates.

1) Henry Harvin Language Academy

I am sure that in these unprecedented times of coronavirus pandemic, you must have heard about Henry Harvin’s Education. The quality and reputation of Henry Harvin’s courses are matchless. I don’t need to write an article appraising Henry Harvin for the heights it has achieved. Henry Harvin is a trusted name in online and professional education. Then what am I writing in this blog? It is a valid question.

I am writing about the Spanish language course by Henry Harvin. In recent months, people have enrolled in HH’s Spanish language course. They are learning and developing skills in Spanish to provide value to their career life. Gradually, Spanish is becoming a trade language, and with that, it is offering ample opportunities.

Henry Harvin has a well-curated Spanish learning program for the candidates. It has divided the Spanish Language course into three categories. They are as follows:

1. Beginners

In the beginners’ category, HH has A1 level and the Upper Beginner level (A2). This category is only for the people who are beginning to learn Spanish. A student will learn about the basics of Spanish language words, phrases, and nomenclature.

2. Intermediate (B1 and B2)

In the intermediate category, a student will learn and hone skills to read, write, and listening Spanish with ease. Experienced and qualified teachers will make the learning process easier for the students.

3. Advanced (C1 and C2)

As the name suggests, it is for the students who have a good understanding of Spanish. The students will learn Spanish dialects and complex texts. The Advanced Spanish learning program will help students become fluent in reading, speaking, and listening to Spanish.

    Beginners    Intermediate    Advanced
    Level – A1 and A2  Level – B1 and B2Level – C1 and C2
Course Fees – 12,500/-Course Fees – 15,500/-Course Fees – 17,500/-
Course Duration – 56+hrs.Course Duration – 66+hrs.Course Duration – 66+hrs.

2) Instituto Hispania: (Top 10 Spanish Courses in India)

Instituto Hispania (IH) is not Spanish by name only, but it resonates with Spanish colleges in its curriculum, teachers, and ambiance. It has the head office in New Delhi, but its branches teach students Spanish at different locations in the country. IH has a lot to offer in the Spanish language course, like sessions by qualified teachers, placement support, and internationally recognized certificate.

The key takeaways from the Spanish Course:

  • Certificate from F.I.D.E.S.C.U and SIELE accredited institute.
  • Prepare for D.I.E and SIELE international exams, along with the Spanish language course.
  • Learn Spanish from experienced and qualified teachers.
  • Guaranteed job placement assistance in the top MNCs based on the assessment process.

3) Instituto Cervantes (IC)Top 10 Spanish Courses in India

The meaning of its name shows the significance and value IC must have added to the lives. IC is an initiative of the Spanish government to bring Spanish and Indian culture closer. It is a Non-profit Organization located in the heart of New Delhi, Connaught Place. Year on year, it produces thousands of talented resources for the industry.

Benefits of the Spanish Course by Instituto Cervantes:

  • It has divided the Spanish course into six stages. They are the breakthrough stage, the way stage, the threshold stage, the vantage stage, the proficiency stage, and the mastery stage.
  • Both online and face-to-face modes of learning are available for the students.

Course fees – INR 16,500/- an average for the Spanish language course.

Course duration – IC has dedicated 60 hours of intensive classes for each stage of the Spanish language course.

4) Institute of Spanish Studies, Kolkata – Top 10 Spanish Courses in India

ISS (Institute of Spanish Studies) has been educating people in the Spanish language in Kolkata. There is one thing common between Spain and Kolkata which is football. The game of football is a part of the culture of the people at both locations. Kolkata localities have shown a keen interest in learning Spanish. Institute of Spanish Studies fulfills people’s dream of learning Spanish through expert teachers and trainers. The top features from the learning program are as follows.

  • Globally recognized certification in Spanish.
  • Learn from the expert native and non-native Spanish teachers.
  • Enroll in any Spanish course, as per your knowledge and fluency in Spanish.

Course fees – INR 14,350/- for beginner and intermediate Spanish courses.

Course duration – It offers 60 hours of online classes. Weekdays and weekend batches are available.

5) Spanish@ Maitrise, Hyderabad (Spanish language course)

The Spanish language course by Maitrise ranks fifth in the top 10 Spanish Courses in India. It offers the best Spanish classes to beginners and experienced people in Hyderabad. Maitrise has native Spanish speakers who take classes over online channels. Following are the benefits of the Spanish language course from Maitrise.

  • It provides corporate training programs in the Spanish language to the employees of MNCs and local companies.
  • It also offers private tuitions for the Spanish language course to both kids and adults.
  • Domestic managers can also enroll in the Spanish language course to begin a new career as a translator.
  • Special sessions on translation skills conducted by certified teachers.

6) FITA Academy, Chennai

FITA Academy is making the youth of Chennai industry-ready. It has been educating people in the Spanish language for almost a decade now. FITA Academy has the latest syllabus for the Spanish language course. People like the syllabus as simple and easy to understand. With a simple syllabus, FITA Academy also focuses on practical learning.

Salient features of the Spanish Language Course

  • Hands-on live projects for practical learning.
  • Get a globally renowned certification in the Spanish language.
  • Teachers with over 10+ years of experience teach the Spanish language course.
  • Study the Spanish language in instructor-led online sessions.
  • Join Spanish language course batches along with other students in-classroom training.
  • Avail of the best placement support from the staff after completing the Spanish Language course.

7) Mumbai University

Mumbai University also offers a Spanish language course. It has become a hub of Spanish language learning for the youth. Every year, hundreds of certified Spanish alumni of Mumbai University join the corporate world. Mumbai is the financial capital of India and offers many jobs in international trading to Spanish speakers. A few of the key highlights of the Spanish language course are as follows:

  • Mumbai University has two Spanish language courses, a diploma course, and a certificate course.
  • The eligibility criterion is simple for both courses. To enroll in the certificate Spanish language course, one must have completed the 12th standard.
  • In a diploma course, a student must have completed the certification in Spanish language course from Mumbai University.
  • Both are 1-year courses.

8) Jamia Millia Islamia University

JMI is a central university famous for its undergraduate and post-graduate courses. It offers a diploma in the Spanish language course at its campus in New Delhi. JMI’s diploma course has a global value, as every year, talented and skilled students get a job in MNCs.

A few takeaways from the Spanish language course

  • A part-time diploma course in the Spanish language.
  • Learn the Spanish language from world-class professors. Enjoy a pocket-friendly diploma course.

9) Udemy

Udemy does not need an introduction, as its name is enough to ring the bells in the brain. It has become an online learning destination as professionals and freshers use Udemy’s services to learn technical courses. Udemy offers thousands of courses in every domain. It has approximately ten Spanish language courses on its canvas. The best points of the Spanish language course are as follows.

  • The average fees of the course are INR 700/- approx.
  • Choose a course of your choice from the buffet of the Spanish language courses.
  • All sessions are online and hassle-free.

10) Mundo Latino

“Learn Spanish and Be Happy” is Mundo’s service motto. No doubt it has done complete justice to its service motto. Learners speak very high about Mundo’s Spanish language course. Students are happy as translators, content developers, tour guides, digital marketers, etc. Below are a few reasons of recommendation for the Spanish language course by Mundo.

  • Top-class teaching ambiance.
  • Highly experienced and helpful teachers deliver lectures on the Spanish language course.
  • Mundo is creating a new world of Latino in India.


Q1. Why should I pursue a Spanish language course?

The Spanish language course has endless job opportunities in the media verticals, lifestyle industry, and travel guide.

Q2. Who should pursue the Spanish language course?

Anyone who wants to live a colorful life and earn big paycheques should pursue the Spanish language course.

Q3. Can I take online classes of the Spanish language course?

Sure, you can enroll in Henry Harvin’s online Spanish language course at an economical price.

Q4. What is the least minimum duration of the Spanish language course in Delhi?

The duration of the Spanish language course depends on the level of the learning program.

Q5. How can Spanish be helpful in higher studies?

A student with fluent Spanish will become a graduate of any Spanish University.

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