Best Tips and Ways To Help Tennis Elbow


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It’s called tennis elbow, though this may not be the underlying cause of it!

Any kind of repetitive movement of the elbow can cause this injury. Such as lifting baskets of laundry. Or having a job that requires you to move heavy objects like water or paint. 

The discomfort associated with the tennis elbow is usually felt at the top of the elbow joint. In more severe cases, nerves may be caught in the joint. This will lead to discomfort radiating down the lower half of the arm. 

Luckily, the help of a doctor is rarely needed in the recovery of a tennis elbow. So, if you want to get rid of that pesky elbow pain, follow the tips below.

Massage (Gently!)

With an elbow injury, there is likely to be some damage to the surrounding soft tissues. 

Try to massage the forearm as gently as possible. Or get your partner or friend to help. Do not apply enough pressure to cause discomfort. Use some oil and work the muscles on the upper and lower part of your arm. If there is bruising, take extra care not to apply excess pressure.

No Heavy Lifting

This is a great time to avoid heavy lifting. If your job requires you to do so, you may need to take some time off until your elbow heals. 

The elbow is implicated in everyday movement. So, lifting heavy objects can cause more damage to the joint. This is not limited to a heavy bottle of water. Avoid lifting shopping bags. Or bags of potatoes. You may be surprised at how little weight is needed to cause a setback with this injury. So, take it easy!

Support the Joint

It is easy to underestimate how much you use your elbow in daily life. If you don’t want the injury to slow you down, you will need to support the joint.

The easiest way to do this is with an elbow support brace. There are many options online. Many have Velcro straps that allow you to adjust the tightness to your requirements. A strap will allow you to move the joint as needed, without causing any further damage.


That is not to say that you shouldn’t try some light exercises. If you don’t, the surrounding muscles may weaken and cause further problems. 

With tennis elbow injuries, the common cause is overuse of the extensor muscles in the wrist. Even though the pain is located in the elbow. Aim to perform gentle exercises that use both. 

For instance, while sitting in a chair, aim to lift a glass of water. Curve your wrist in as you do so and repeat 5 times. Increase the weight to a bag of sugar. Rotate your wrist each day in a circular motion. As the muscles recover, use dumbbells to add some strength to the muscles.  

Sports Massage

The massage was mentioned earlier. If you have a more extreme case of tennis elbow, you will likely need some professional help. Seek out the advice of a sports therapist. They may be able to advise you on massage tips to use at home. Or they may book you in for an appointment.

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