5 Tips to Start a Successful Hashtag Campaign

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While running a hashtag campaign may sound easy and interesting, it is certainly not a cakewalk and requires proper planning and execution. 

Nowadays, Hashtags can be spotted everywhere. Be it on the TV screens or the internet. Brands and Marketers are making full use of Hashtags to increase communication with their existing and targeted audiences. 

Not only communication but Hashtag campaigns also let brands increase their user’s engagement, increase their brand’s visibility and awareness too! 

Confused about how to kickstart a successful hashtag campaign? 

Keeping a few points in mind, you can take your campaign to the pinnacle of success and boost your brand engagement and visibility. 

So let’s get started! 

#1 Do Your Research First

To make the campaign successful, it is mandatory to do the research and understand a few points before proceeding. 

Firstly, you need to have a clear understanding of your competitors and the hashtags they are using. 

Secondly, do your research about the most popular hashtags amongst your target audience.

Thirdly, you need to understand the hashtags your brand is associated with.

After collecting relevant data about the points mentioned above, you can proceed with your campaign. You can attain the above data through analytics. 

#2 Create a Catchy and Easy To Understand Hashtag

Before proceeding ahead, take a moment to recall the ever-famous #ShareaCola campaign. Why was it so famous? Why did people connect with it to the extent that this hashtag campaign went viral and became one of the most successful hashtag campaigns ever?

What’s in a name, they say? Think again!

In marketing campaigns, a catchy and crisp name can instantly connect with your audience and instill a sense of connection in them. 

Long hashtag names can be boring, and it may get difficult for audiences to connect with the campaign. They may lose interest and not feel the need to be a part of the campaign. 

The focus should be to give the audience a reason to participate in the campaign. 

#3 Have An Emotional Connect With The Audience 

Don’t forget, your audiences are normal people with emotions. To make your audience a part of the campaign, you need to create an emotional connection. 

Audiences feel the need to connect when the content touches their hearts. 

For example, the famous #Worthsaying campaign by L’o’real Paris. 

This hashtag campaign empowered women to speak their hearts out about what matters the most to them. 

It became so famous that the campaign was supported by noted celebrities like Jennifer Lopez & Blake Lively. 

Since this campaign was about Women’s Empowerment, it garnered a lot of attention from women worldwide. 

#4 Give It A Hilarious Twist

To make your Hashtag viral and spread like wildfire, you need to create it so that it compels users to be a part of the campaign. 

Apart from being clever and funny, it is a great way to display your brand’s innovative and fun side. You can change the perception of your audience about your brand. 

You can play around with words or add a joke to crack your audience up and make them remember your campaign and give them a reason to be a part of it. 

#5 Double Check & Then Post Your Campaign 

We can’t stress enough this point! You must check any grammatical errors and the sound of the Hashtag. It should not sound pointless and vague and, most importantly, should not be awkward at all. 

Make other people in your knowns also spell it out and listen carefully. There should be no double-meaning talk, or else it will eventually end up being a laughing stock of your brand, and you would never want that. Will you? 

Remember the #susanalbumparty campaign, which turned out to be a flop? Readers could not understand the phrase ‘Susan Album Party’ and made fun of the campaign on social media. 

Moral of the story: Be careful with the name of your campaign. Read it out loud multiple times, and once you are confident, you can go ahead and post it! 

Final Words

When it comes to Hashtags, there is no middle ground. Either it irritates people, or it excites them. 

Needless to say, Hashtags campaigns, if successful, can do wonders for your business and maximize your profits to another level altogether. 

Hashtag campaigns take time to deliver the results. It is mandatory to measure the results of how your campaign is performing. Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, you will be able to design a successful hashtag campaign, and your brand/business will reap its benefits in the long run. 

The key is to keep yourself in the shoes of the audience and analyze if the campaign connects with you or not. 

Another crucial point to keep in mind is to focus on the name of the campaign. It should be crisp, to the point, and should make sense at the same time. 

Incorporating these points will help you in raising your business visibility and communication with your target audience! 

Get going now to start your outstanding hashtag campaign.

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