Things to keep in Mind while Buying Kabaddi Mats


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A few decades ago, Kabaddi was an outdoor sport that was played in mud on bare feet. As the Kabaddi grew in popularity, synthetic indoor kabaddi mats became essential to allow for championships inside an arena or a stadium. After spending extended time testing various surfaces, officials in this sport found out that a grippy foam mat delivered the perfect properties. Kabaddi mats are specially designed with all the features which are needed in this sport. The exclusive property of easy assemble and dissemble them from other sports mats. The great interlocking system of these is so light in their weight so you can place them for your practice. If you want a kabaddi mat for yourself, you browse for Kabaddi mats online and can get many options.  

Kabaddi mats are water-resistant, sweatproof and easy to wash, and anti-skid, which helps you to protect yourself from falling. If you fall by chance while playing Kabaddi with your co-player, this kabaddi mat will protect your joints, and entire body from injuries as these mats are very comfortable. With the increasing popularity of this game, finding suitable kabaddi mats is also the primary method that is concerned. With this, it is important to look for a good quality mat and things to consider few points in Mind while buying Kabaddi mat


It plays an important role in helping the payer slip and slides easily during the play by providing comfort. Kabaddi mat should be the right kind or amount of firmness and hardness. Mat doesn’t absorb water and can always retain its shape. 


Before buying kabaddi mats, make sure that you pick the good quality mat that should be eco-friendly and must be of the right stickiness. There is a wide range of kabaddi mats material like JSR- Japanese synthetic rubber mat, Interlocking kabaddi mat, EVA kabaddi mat, and Pro kabaddi mat.   


Make sure that when you purchase the Mat, it should not be very thin or thick as very thin mats can cause you injury and may be uncomfortable to enjoy the game. The kabaddi mat size for men is 13 × 10m and 11×8 m for boys and girls, and the Side lobby’s Kabaddi mat size is 1m wide on both sides, the baulk line is 3.75 m from the Midline, the bonus line is 4.75 m from the Mid Line, and the distance between the baulk line and the bonus line is 1m.  


It helps to get a firm grip while moving from one position to another.  


While looking for good quality kabaddi mats, check if they are durable, quality raw material, and brand matting products and accessories will last for a longer period of time and provide you comfort while practicing Kabaddi. The EVA foam is extremely firm, which helps in durability for the flooring, and it also helps athletes make sure cuts they need for success in this sport. 


Price is always the main component that depends on what quality of Mat you are buying. Kabaddi mat price in India varies according to its thickness and colors. You can order online; they can offer you different designs (the design on the upper layer can be customized according to the need) at different prices with quick doorstep delivery. 

Benefits of Kabaddi mats

  • It has a strong floor grip 
  • Easy to clean 
  • High-density EVA provides the best cushioning
  • Impact and vibration Absorption 
  • Oil, fuel, and water resistance
  • Dual color and the mats can be used on either side
  • Interlocking configuration
  • Anti-skid material composition

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