The Best Boating Holidays in Canada


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There are almost 2 million lakes in Canada. Many of these lakes connect to rivers and waterways that are big enough for watercraft, making Canada ideal for sailing and boating. If you are looking for a new sailing holiday destination, Canada is the place to be. 

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Rideau Canal, Ontario

The Rideau Canal, Informally known as the Rideau Waterway, is 126 miles long. It flows from  Ottawa, passing through Ontario to Lake Ontario and then the St. Lawrence River at Kingston. It allows for five days of leisurely sailing. 

The canal has 45 locks at 22 lock stations over a distance of 125 miles. It hosts beaches, parks, and historical sites along the way. The Rideau Canal in Canada is a world heritage site.

Vancouver Island Canada

The area around Vancouver Island possesses an array of islets, fjords, inlets, and rivers. The jaw-dropping vistas are the fabric of dreams.

This locale abounds with phenomenal wildlife, hiking trails, snorkeling spots, and ample opportunities for kayaking. Sailing in this environment is anything but boring. Navigation here requires that you negotiate many islands. Thus it is better suited to the experienced sailor.

The Gulf Islands

There are roughly 200 Gulf Islands in the straight of Georgia between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland. It woos many visitors in the high season. 

If you want to witness this archipelago in its most natural state, then the best time to go would be off-season. Sailing when there are no tourists will allow you a clear passage in communion with nature that every outdoorsman dreams of.

When you stopover for refreshment, make it a point to interact with the locals. They possess a wealth of first-hand knowledge of the area that no book can match.

Mayne Island is best for its history. It has a lighthouse built in 1885, a lock-up that housed miscreants during the gold rush, and a Japanese garden to commemorate their part in Mayne Island’s history.

Other Islands in the archipelago are Gabriola Island, best known for its art, Pender Island, for its nature, and Galiano Island for its hiking.

Bras d’Or Lake

This island in Nova Scotia is another one of Canada’s natural gems. It is a UNESCO biosphere reserve that possesses an idyllic beauty that is surreal.

Bras d’Or is an inland sea of semi Saline water with a surface area of 683 square miles. What makes this water body unique is that an Island surrounds it. This Island sea is a popular attraction for sailors and is also a prime venue for fishing, snorkeling, and boating. 

Time to Set Sail

The world is full of water wonders, beautiful and exotic, but Canada is in a league of its own. Whether you choose Rideau Canal, Bras d’Or Lake, Vancouver or the other Gulf Islands, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better boat holiday destination.

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