The 12 best apps of Google if you dedicate yourself to Social Media

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To work in social media, either as a social media marketer or as a community manager, you will need more than apps to program publications and obtain metrics of your results. Google puts at our disposal a large number of very useful products (both in terms of research on our target and productivity). In this post, I teach you what, in my opinion, are the most useful for our profession.
The network is alive and does not wait for anyone, but nothing happens, with these tools you can keep up to date with what is happening in your community and investigate the most relevant thing that has happened:

1. What do you love? :

I have the feeling that this tool is a great unknown (I’m not sure), but it’s certainly the most curious and versatile tracking method that Google has. Through it you can make a quick multimedia collection on the subject you want. With each search you will get small easy-to-see summaries of almost every possible search on Google. I invite you to try it for its special uniqueness.

2. Google News :

Seeing news about a search is nothing new, but there will be people who do not know that we can customize this type of search.

Information sources

  • Exact words or phrases (both in headline, body or URL)
  • Publication dates
  • Weight interests in results
  • Add new themes or eliminate those that do not interest us
  • Choose the geographical area where the news comes from
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3. Google Blog Search :

It is a type of search specialized only in logs. As a good social media strategist, one of the main tasks (or should be) is to look for hubs (or connectors) that help to revitalize our content marketing actions for our brand. Do not miss the opportunity to get influencers influential 😉 .

4. Google Reader :

The Google RSS feed reader. Here you can visualize with a simple and comfortable interface the new publications of the blogs and websites that you think it is necessary to follow.

5. Google video :

Track the network to find videos, without focusing solely on YouTube.

6. Google Alerts :

The app known to many, but better remember in case there is someone who has been clueless. With the alerts, you will have a selection of the contents that deal with the keywords you have selected, being able to customize the frequency of sending and the quality of the results.

7. Google Trends :

You may think that Google Insights is better, and it’s normal, I thought the same. But a few days ago, Google Trends and Google Insights have come together and form a single tool. In case you do not know its possibilities, I will tell you that it is a small kit for studying trends, keywords, seasonality of searches, volume of these, etc. Best of all are the geographic and temporal filters that you can perform when you compare different searches. Used with insight, it becomes a valuable source of qualitative and quantitative information.

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Not everything is looking for information

Here you have a small range of tools that can be really practical:

8. Google Apps for business:

I will not delve into the multitude of options available, but I’m sure you’ll find some practical application to work better as a team.

9. Google Chrome:

Apart from being a fast browser, it allows you to integrate apps for managing social profiles. Using the Chrome Store you can download the apps to configure a panel of icons in the style of smartphones, being able to leave the bookmarks bar for other functions. Also, if you sign in to Chrome with your Gmail account on another computer, you will have all your settings always at hand.

10. Picasa:

It is not the best editor in the world evidently, but if you are rather amateur in this photo editing (as I must confess is my case), it is a practical solution to make small tweaks and/or modifications. Its main advantage is that it gives you access to all the photos that you already have posted on the different Google products (Google Plus, Blogger, etc.). This way you no longer have to upload/download the photo, nor do you worry about uploading the new version, as the modification applies to all publications (if you want, of course).

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The Google URL shortener. It offers statistics very similar to with the addition of distinguishing the platform with which the content is displayed. It also creates a QR code of the URL automatically.

12. GoMo:

As you know, the immediate future goes through smartphones and the use of the Solomon concept. For this reason, you must know how adapted your website is to the mobile format. Thanks to this tool you will obtain a simple analysis to determine the degree of usability of the web via smartphone.

Surely you think that there are many other tools that better perform the functions that I have named, I am the first one that does not use all the Google apps although I know them. But I think that most of them are an economic and good way to get started in important aspects of social media, before making the leap to more professional tools.

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