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You may not have heard the word “athleisure” before but this not so old word added to the dictionary will surely define the trending style of 2020. This trend is all about making a statement with your activewear or even casual clothing. This term is widely used by women to depict the trending style in leggings and sneakers. 

With her will when she can conquer anything; bringing a change in style legacy isn’t rocket science for her. Gone are the days when women gym leggings were just meant to fall in the category of gym wear. The introduction of the athleisure trend in the fashion world has given rise to multiple ways how leggings can be worn. Nowadays women tend to give more preference to a trend which is practical and comfortable as well. 

What exactly is athleisure?

Athleisure – “the best of both worlds”. It is a fusion of two different terms athletic and leisure. In context to this, the gym wear is worn as casual work attire. It may probably be assumed that leisurewear may be worn in a sporty way instead it refers to the sporty/activewear clothes that can be worn in your leisure time. 

To slay with the gym-wear chic style, read and try the following selected to be savage not average! 

  • Go Neutral:

If you want that minimalistic yet effortless look to slay, choose neutral tones and black to complete that headstrong look. Wear women gym leggings of neutral colour and sneakers will complete the look. 

  • Time to layer up: 

After a certain point in time, you’ll see that just wearing leggings and sneakers aren’t making it special anyway, therefore pick up a jacket or a good sweater and tie it around your waist. This way you’ll have that sporty and trendy look altogether.

  • Choose Matte :

In terms of choosing leggings, always go for a matte rather than choosing the shiny one. It gives that sophisticated and minimalist impression comparatively with shiny and vibrant colours. 

  • Avoid stilettos:

This can be one of the biggest mistakes you can do while experimenting with activewear. Stilettos under gym wear is a terrible combination. Instead go for flats, snickers or chunky heels. 

  • Accessorize:

 Accessories either add more glam and look to your outfit or totally ruin it, depending on your choice. Choose accessories like Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Nike Air cap etc. This combination shall work so well with a tank top and leggings. To add more, carry a stylish backpack/duffle bag. 

Do’s and don’ts when choosing athleisure trend:

  • Don’t do too much mixing and layering.
  • Keep a check on seasonal activewear trends, stay updated on those trends.
  • Don’t add too many accessories.
  • It is important that all of your athleisure are tidy and in good condition.
  • Don’t choose too many bright colours to wear.
  • With leggings choose longer tops for the best combination.
  • Pair a crop top with a pair of women gym leggings.

Bonus information:

From quick airport look to running somewhere having limited time already, an athlete’s dress keeps you away from the last minute hassle. 

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