7 Most Affordable Ideas to Decorate your Living Space


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Most of the time seven is known to be a magic number for many people, and when it comes to home decor, there is no exception. There is no perfect moment to start your home décor project. Now is the time to roll on, refresh your home with our affordable modern ideas of 2021.

To find the best home decor ideas, look to the 7 affordable concepts of home interior for creative ideas. From styling empty shelves to creating a gallery wall, and even lightening, these little makeovers can bring a huge impact. We have gathered some ideas of home décor that you will definitely love and it will give your home a brand new look.

Style your Empty Shelves

Searching for home decor ideas to refresh your living space? Since these messy shelves want you to do some creativity and make them pretty. If you’re ready to turn those plain, barren shelves into attractive masterpieces, then this idea is for you.

Open and long shelves are a basic and simple approach to give your room a very appealing look. One of the best solutions is to pick your favorite collection of books on display that gives you an eclectic feel.

Leaning your artwork is the incredibly stylish way to display and let them tell your story, or you can put your favorite painting, photos, and achievements you love the most. If your living space needs some texture and simplicity, try a white and neutral color palette.

Go with Nature


One of the quickest and cost-effective methods of decorating your indoors is by utilizing items from your backyard. Plants have the ability to signifies life and inspiration in the house.

Look for plants of different sizes, shapes with a relaxing scent like fresh flowers. Fresh flowers have a relaxing sweet smell, which makes a room cozy and also adds a little life to a room. Their green color has the ability to transform your entire space and pop a visual appeal color to your room. 

There are many options of indoor pants with a really good smell like pathos, calathea, Chinese money plant, the crown of thorns, aloe, and jasmine. They will beautify and give you a very refreshing feel.

Go Creative with Bean Bags and Throw Pillows


One of the most important aspects of any decorating scheme is its cost-effectiveness and choosing the right furniture and accessories. Using light furniture is the best way to make your space look bigger and airier.

 In the market, there is a lot of multi-functional furniture like a sofa bed, or a couch with a storage drawer, folding tables, and much more. Keep in mind that these types of furniture can take more space and they can be difficult to move.

Bean bags prove to be easy to move and it also allows for a greater décor scheme. They are also available in different colors, at a very reasonable cost. Usually, bean bags are best for kids as they come in different colors, filled with soft beans, and can easily be refilled. Decorating freedom is one of the biggest strengths of beanbags. Bean bags can also be used in a variety of decorations setup or outdoor functions as well.

Go with the Natural Lighting


Quality lighting is an essential part of every living space and that would be great if you have natural light. It brightens up the interior and makes the room look longer.

Natural lighting or source lighting coming through a large window of your room gives you a sense of refreshment if you put some plants and flowers near the window or pots to brighten up space.

When it comes to heavy, you can use lightweight fabrics, linen, silk, and cotton material because they tend to hang well. By adding natural lighting to your living space, you will be surprised how this small addition can make a big change to your life. 

Use Mirrors


If you are wondering, do mirrors really make a room look brighter? The answer is “Yes”. Mirrors have the ability to make your room look brighter and larger because they reflect the light that makes the room brighter and shiner during the day and night. Whenever possible hang the mirror across the window.

Don’t be afraid of using big mirrors in small spaces. If you are living in a small or narrow living room, then placing a mirror is a great way to make the room open feel.

Mirrors came in different sizes and styles like framed mirrors, oversized mirrors, and LED mirrors which can also complement your home décor.

Create a Gallery wall


Creating a gallery wall or photo wall has become quite popular in the last few decades, providing an amazing way to inject colors and patterns to make the room feel fully occupied. Most importantly it is the perfect way to place your art you love the most, alongside family photos, and your favorite memories of trips.

There is no exact science in creating a photo wall. It hardly takes an hour to end. There are many styles and types of creating wall art whether you give it a mixture of bright patterns, bold landscape prints, typography frames, or your family photos.   Here I have mentioned my methods for how to select and arrange the gallery wall.

First, you have to find the right space for your photo wall, and then start bringing together your favorite photos from typography frames to handmade art. Scale the collection, whether you want them in the same sizes or a mixture of sizes? Allow a bit of space between each frame. Measure and mark with a led pencil where you want to make holes. Start hammering and put them all up.

Pro tip: Extend the photo wall of the roof to make the illusion of a bigger space.

Go with Texture


Texture always is a very thoughtful process when we are confused with the patterns. It basically means how we simply feel the object.

For example: most of the time we say that this rug looks vintage or old without touching it, it basically the creative use of texture.

There are many ways in which you can add texture to your home. You can add texture with the help of textiles by using pillows, rugs, tablecloths, and curtains. You can plant to add texture to your room. They help you improve your mood and productivity.

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