How to Maintain the Value of Your Car this Decade

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To some, a car is purely a functional asset. It gets you from A to B, and it helps to run your chores more effectively. But in the modern economy, when all of your assets should be treated as investments, the ideal motor is one that’ll maintain its value over time – or even appreciate in value as time goes on. In this article, you’ll learn how to treat your car – and what car dyno to invest in in the first place – to ensure that your vehicular assets will be worth a great deal when you come to sell it.

Valuable Vehicles

Buying a car that will be worth more when you sell it than when you buy it can be a difficult decision. With new cars that are entering the market, the likelihood of it increasing in value will likely hinge on whether it’ll one day be regarded as ‘classic’. But, if you manage to find a cheap second-hand vehicle, you can easily maintain it to sell it for a profit, years down the line.

Low Mileage

Most cars lose value when they travel far. For instance, if you’re using your vehicle to get to cross-country conventions, taking it across states regularly, you’re probably going to be racking up the mileage quickly. For potential buyers in the future, a high mileage means a car that’s worn, tired, and likely to break down. As such, keeping a lid on your mileage and taking public transport for longer trips is a way to maintain the value of your vehicle. 

Professional Cleans

Another way to keep your car in good condition – or to make your car look sparkling clean before you take it to the market to sell – is to get a professional clean. When you head to a professional car wash firm, like San Diego’s Wash N Go Express, you’ll be guaranteed a thorough once-over that’ll leave your car looking as close to new as possible. These cleaning services can also extend to your interior, and to professional bodywork cleaning, which can help buff out dents and polish up your chrome and metallic surfaces.

Garage Storage

Vehicles stored in garages are less likely to sustain damage every week. When you leave your car out on the streets, it’s vulnerable to all manner of mishaps – from collisions with other cars, to scratches from passersby and adverse weather conditions. Over the long-term, these forces can damage your car, taking hundreds of dollars off its potential value. As such, always store your vehicle in your garage where possible. 

Small Investments

Keep track of all the investments you make in your vehicle. Whether that’s as simple as adding a new set of tires, or as complex as upgrading the engine wholesale, you should know what you’ve invested and fixed within your car. You can then present this maintenance history to your future buyer to show them how you’ve cared for and maintained your vehicle – which will, again, bump up the price you’ll sell your car at in the future.

Following the tips outlined above will sit you in good stead when it comes to maintaining the value of your vehicle over time.

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