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Have you ever pondered upon how brands establish themselves to win the competitive edge in the industry? Do you want to enhance the online presence of your business? It will take just one term: Link Building! Now you might want to know what link building is and how you can integrate it into your marketing strategy to generate traffic.

So, let’s start by

What is Link Building?

The sole purpose of link building is to enhance the online visibility of a brand. This is achieved by building high-quality backlinks. The dynamics and mechanisms of search engine optimization are changed because of link building only.
In the Pre-Google days, SEO used to rank websites based on their content. However, now Google has revolutionized and so its online marketing hacks. It has paved the path for better ways to improve website rankings. Building links is one of the methods used in analysing the number of people linking to a specific page.

Importance of Link Building

The massive inflow of online consumers has urged the need for link building. No business can walk on the path of success without developing a proper link building strategy. Link building plays a crucial role in determining how a page ranks on the SERPs. The higher online visibility can only be accomplished when there are a high number of quality hyperlinks attached to a site.
With the plethora of new businesses coming in every day, building links is imperative. Not only will it establish the business as an authority but will also make it reachable.

Link Building Strategies

Technological advancements have given an array of strategies to business owners which can enhance the online presence of their brand/business. However, the strategy to use it depends on various factors like availability of resources, the size of the target audience and business niche. For good results, competitive brands require to have a good understanding of link building tactics compared with the other marketing tips and tricks.

Taking it further, here are some strategies according to the best digital agency in Gurgaon which business owners can use to accomplish high-quality links, despite the niche.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is widely used in link building strategies. Start-ups, small scale business owners, companies and enterprises work with this to develop their online presence.
It involves writing good written articles and blogs for the websites and then creating a backlink for the same to your website. The publishing website gets new content for their target audience while the author gets referral traffic to their page, both of which are essential in increasing online visibility.

Niche Edits:

Despite popular belief, Niche Edits is one of the oldest link building forms used, however, it has gained momentum in recent years.
Also known as contextual links, niche edits require the positioning of hyperlinks in an earlier published piece. This is not similar to guest blogging, where a newly written article is needed. This strategy of link building is highly powerful since some articles already have good traffic on them. Articles having pre-existing internal and external links are highly beneficial because of Niche Edits.

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