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Does an older version of Vidmate 2011, excite you? Numerous reasons call for to download this version of Vidmate. In spite, the updated version of Vidmate 2019, is compatible and runs on almost all Android devices. Sometimes the older phones are not able to run all new features of Vidmate it presents sense to opt for Vidmate 2011 version. As compared to the newer versions of   Vidmate, the version of 2011 has all the downloading options which you are going to need in downloading this app.

By Vidmate 2011, your favorite music videos and movies can be downloaded without the need of an internet connection.

All of us love to download premium music videos and movies, but it costs you a bomb in order to download them. Vidmate app 2011 makes this dream a possibility. You can download movies or even your favorite music videos without shelling out money. This app offers downloading facilities of premium video types. A vast majority of videos which are played through this interface are free.

One of the major advantages of Vidmate 2011, is you can download videos and movies without an internet connection. Yes if music videos and movies are not downloaded locally on your mobile phone it might not magically appear. In this case to download the videos you need an internet connection.

Vidmate ensures all this is a possibility, as you can download movies and videos in a seamless manner once you are having an internet connection, particularly a Wi- Fi connection.

The design of this app takes place in such a manner where downloading videos from steaming sites like Facebook, Twitter and Facebook and numerous websites which you might not have taken note off.

Absence of Vidmate means you have to visit individual websites and locate videos of your choice. In case if you are not able to find the videos it poses another problem. This problem is eradicated if you have Vidmate and even older version of Vidmate 2011 would do the job for you. There is a search engine incorporated inside which is make search options easier. Just a mere entry of a tag you are looking for should be entered in a search engine and there is a long list of videos for downloading.

On each video there is a button of download. Videos of various qualities can be downloaded as sometimes you just want to hear music videos and do not pay a lot of attention to quality. If you are not planning to download the video you can use a MP3 version of the same. Pretty much like the newer versions, the older versions of this app allow you to download music videos or movies.

Where you can download the older version of Vidmate 2011?

Numerous links are available on the internet where you can download Vidmate 2011. Once the APK file has been downloaded, you can save it on local frontiers. Move over to the folder, tap on it and download.

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