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Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is crucial to their well-being. With age, the production of testosterone begins to decrease, which takes a role in the overall wellness, vitality and longevity of men. The hormone plays a significant factor in masculine features like muscle mass, bone density and facial characteristics. This has led to increased curiosity about TRT Therapy Toronto. It is a highly specialised treatment that can easily target low T.

What leads to Low T?

With age, testosterone production decreases by 1% to 2% every year. This decrease begins around the late 20s or 30s. The decrease is gradual, and it takes a while for the low T symptoms to become evident. There are also other factors which contribute to low testosterone. These include sleep, exercise, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, BMI, sexual frequency, chronic stress and fat content in the diet. Apart from that some medications can also cause low testosterone.

What does low testosterone look like?

Symptoms associated with low T might be unrecognizable as it is easy to connect some symptoms with the way one lives. Low T symptoms include low libido, impotence, reduced sperm count and volume, insomnia, brittle bones, reduced spontaneous erections, reduced facial hair, muscle loss and unexplained weight gain. Other signs to look out for are fatigue that is not alleviated by sleep, generalized weakness, reduced muscle mass, increased body fat, difficulty losing weight, depression, anaemia and brain fog. Hot flashes, sleep disorders and erectile dysfunction can be caused by low testosterone.

How to know whether you are a good candidate for the treatment?

To be a good candidate for this treatment, one needs to have a low testosterone level. For that, one has to undergo a couple of blood tests to check testosterone levels. Undergoing a consultation is the ideal way to go about it. The quantitative values of testosterone and other associated factors will help to lay down the plan for TRT.

What happens during Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

TRT plan is customized keeping the needs and lifestyle of the patient in mind. The treatment spans several months. This is because it takes time to carefully recalibrate the system. While the treatment is on, the body’s responses to the treatment are monitored closely. There are four methods through which the treatment is delivered. These include oral medication, transdermal patches, injections and topical cream. They are to be used as directed.

When do you start seeing results?

Though the treatment spans over a couple of months, you will begin to see results soon enough. Soon after the treatment begins, you will see a boost in vitality, energy and libido. The sleep quality also improves. Along with that, the thought processes also start to become clearer. With the ongoing treatment, you will slowly notice a desired change in your body composition. The workouts will become more effective. Undergoing the treatment also impacts sexual relationships positively.

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