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When you open your Facebook feed, what is usually one of the most popular posts that you view? The answer is probably video. Marketers have jumped on this bandwagon to increase sales and revenue for their respective companies and sellers. Thus, video marketing has become a global phenomenon.

Visual media are created with an audience to target and goal to achieve. For example, demo videos have become some of the most popular sales enablement tools nowadays. These videos can give their prospects a summary of the services these professionals are selling.

Digital product sellers can also take advantage of this sort of media. Most of them depend entirely on their websites and social media, as these businesses rarely have a physical store people can enter to view the products. Therefore, because all of their potential consumers are online, their promotions have to conform to that reality

These are the reasons why demo videos are important for digital products:

Build Hype Around Your Product

Social media platforms are goldmines of business opportunities. It is very easy to quickly gain an audience for free in the form of video likes and shares on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Before the launch, companies can create demo videos that go viral which incorporates their product website links and customer subscription information.

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Content Has Little to No Limits on Creativity

Online videos can be prerecorded or streamed live, but what promoters have to remember is marketing is conversational. You are taking the customers on a journey, listening to their difficulties, and offering the answers that could solve these. Videos have to be both understandable and interesting, or else the customers will simply move on.

Creative videos are absolutely vital to modern marketing strategies because 70% of viewers see a brand more positively if videos can hold their interest. It is easier to be creative nowadays because video production has become cheaper and easier. Small businesses can also take advantage of brands who generally sell sales enablement tools, and provide video-making programs as one of the options.

Luckily, customers, today prioritize video substance over production quality.

Visuals Are Easier to Recall Than Words

 Majority of your prospects today have shorter attention spans compared to the generations before. However, in one statistic, 80% of people on Hubspot remember a video they watched in the last month.

In other words, videos will make first time users remember the brand website better and entice them to regularly follow the website for updates.

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If you have loyal consumers that already go to your website, demo videos can make them see your company even more positively. Customers expect the brand to properly explain the instructions of every product they purchase. Videos that offer explanations are watched by 98% of customers.

If your digital products are difficult to use, demo videos are the perfect medium for explaining them.

You Can Increase Your Company’s Popularity in Search Rankings

 Google includes videos on search results, and websites who post videos have a 53% higher chance of appearing 1st on search results depending on the keyword. People usually press the first thing they see and this gives sellers high chances of getting more known at each click. The more viewers, the more potential customers digital sellers will have. Cisco stated that video content accounted for 69% of Internet traffic.

Mobile users are especially easier to convert to consumers using video content since 90% of your video watchers are most likely going to be mobile users. YouTube reports that video consumption increases 100% every year.

Customers will trust a brand if it is very popular. Whenever you use Google, top companies are the ones who appear on the first page because there are loyal customers who are eager to click on their websites. On the other hand, a couple of clicks is also from users who are unwilling to look for less popular brands on the following pages.

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 It Is a Good Indicator Of ROI

 For sales, the easiest criteria for the efficiency of your investment on content is the Call to Action (CTA). In most landing pages with demo videos, there is usually a form that entices users such as “ Get Started With Us Today!”.

There are other means of using these videos, namely:

  • Place CTAs in the middle of the episode.
  • Tell the story of your brand which will convince the customer to click CTA at the end.
  • Make the CTA action clear yet natural by using minimal words at the end of the video. E.g. Buy this service for this purpose here!

Key Takeaway

Online media is usually the best way for sellers of digital products to promote to their target market. Demo videos are online promotions that can become popular easily and thus, help sellers gain more customers for more sales.

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