How To Take Your Accounting Firm Remote – 6 Tips


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In the era of the faster world, everyone wants to work on flexible timing, and the present situation like the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home, is the best solution to continue your business. Most of the accounting firms are keeping their business by sharing clients’ data to their employees, and they are accomplishing their operations from home.

But there are many problems they are facing, such as collaboration with their colleagues, sharing the updated data via emails back and forth, updated conversation with clients, and many more. Accountants having a high potential are unable to do work more efficiently. In short, the employees and the firm are facing a huge loss.

The situation is quite disturbing, and every accounting firm wants to work but not to get affected in all the terms, whether it is the financial health or the productivity of the employees.

The solution is to move your accounting firms to cloud technology, a high technology playing a preeminent role for most accounting firms. By adopting this technology, smaller and more prominent firms can increasingly measure their productivity.

Remote Working

Remote work is a new norm for the accounting firms, and it is giving an excellent output in all the terms. Below are the few tips which are useful for accounting firms which will help them to work remotely.

1.     Adopting Technology

There are many new technologies that many accounting firms are using, but the cloud is the best technology to make your firm running smoothly. Cloud will enable them to work remotely from anywhere at any time. It would be best if you had the authentic credentials to login and start work similar to the office. You can host all the applications related to accounting on the cloud and easily access it whenever required, such as Drake tax software and QuickBooks accounting software.

By hosting software on the cloud, any accountant can access the data and make necessary edits to accomplish it, and every other authorized user can view the changes. They can also accept or decline the payments at the same time. You can do video conferencing and electronic signatures to make all the team members work at the same pace.

2.     Adequate Devices

Work from home requires a sufficient amount of tools to accomplish all the accounting processes for every accountant, which helps you manage the accounting data correctly and in a systematic manner. You can quickly know how much liability and assets you also have and the impacts on the accounting operations.

If you have a cloud server, it will be more beneficial because it will eventually reduce their office rent, electricity, data storage, various other costs that are fixed and indirectly affect the profit.

Accounting firms can provide a proper device to their employees, which are already updated with the necessary software needed for remote work. That will help to continue their work without any disruption.

3.     Create Schedule

To make your accounting firm run smoothly from the remote access, you need to create a proper schedule to log in and make meetings so the rules and expectations will be apparent to every employee. Adequate scheduling of work will make a significant change to make the work process smoother. Ensure that around three to four hours must be standard so that there is no gap when anyone is accomplishing their task.

It will help to make your remote accounting firm to run more smoothly. Proper scheduling of your work process will help you manage the grey area more appropriately and help meet deadlines, expectations, and responsibilities.

4.     Reliable Wi-Fi At Home

In this era, accounting firms can complete their accounting operation. They rely on the devices, accounting software, and the latest technologies. Work from home will require a proper and good internet connection that will help the accountant to continue their work. So, it requires a decent and good Wi-Fi connection that will help them share the latest update and improve productivity while adopting work from home.

Make sure the internet connection has the bandwidth that will quickly enable you to connect you via video calls and to run the heavy accounting software without any interruption. Reliable connectivity is one of the most important aspects of working remotely for accountants.

5.     Create New Normal

When the workforce starts work from home, it will create many issues and problems for every employee. They will miss the connection while working from home. It can generate many topics for many employees, and some have a different reaction, which can be positive for some employees or vice versa.

So, the manager can play a significant role and create an environment that works for the new normal, and we all will be connected in any kind of situation. This new process and workflow will not be complicated if everyone will work together and start building a new routine.

In starting, you may feel like you are unable to manage or are losing control of your team, but prioritizing and setting up a proper guideline for your team around communication expectations will help you sort through the process.

Many times you may feel like you are not able to manage, or you are at the point that you are losing control over your team. Still, once you prioritize setting up a proper time table for a seamless accounting process, you’ll be fine with implementing a structure that will help you to reach success.

6.     Self-Care Is Important

While working from home, you are more focused on accomplishing your accounting task and making a home as your all-time office. It will directly impact your health and create an imbalance in your personal and work life. Most of the people are struggling, some of them with their managers and many of them with their employees, so you should take care of your as well as your team who are juggling between their new responsibilities and this extreme pandemic situation.

You need to set up a proper schedule and routine that includes a break and personal obligations. Don’t work for long hours that will create a mundane in your lifestyle. It would help if you mastered a great sense to manage and follow up appropriately, take care of yourself, and your office work.


Accounting firms are well suited to run their firms while working from home. If managed properly, it will not hamper your productivity or roadblock and keeps your firm running smoothly.

A small change in daily routine, such as managing flexibility, patience, right tools, and clear communication with your employees and management, can help any business owner manage their business and accounting team. A new starting for your accounting firm’s success will go long even when this current crisis will pass away.

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