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Wakeboard towers can be found on various sorts of pontoons these days, not simply on wakeboarding vessels, mostly in view of the developing ubiquity of this specific water sport. On the off chance that you are intending to introduce a wakeboard tower on your pontoon yourself, the accompanying aide ought to be of help to you. Obviously, you can have experts carry out the responsibility, however, a DIY wakeboard tower introduces task can be a great deal of fun and bring more fulfillment (also the cash you’ll be sparing). So put your wakeboarding head protectors and wakeboarding life vest aside until further notice and draw out those force devices and we should begin. Don’t forget to check out the Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers.

Coming up next are the fundamental strides to introducing a wakeboard tower and ought to apply to most items. Be that as it may, additional means might be important relying upon the brand or model of the pinnacle. In such cases, counsel the proprietor’s manual and establishment directions that accompanied the pinnacle when you bought it.

  1. Check the Wakeboard Tower Parts

The principal thing you’ll need to do before you introduce a wakeboard tower is to check all the parts and segments that came in the crate. This is significant in light of the fact that you would prefer not to get yourself partially through the establishment and unexpectedly you’re feeling the loss of a jolt, washer or some different parts.

Set aside this effort to review the nature of the parts also. Check for hairline breaks on the legs, welded joints, and others. Keep in mind, a wakeboard tower will be put under a specific measure of strain as it pulls you along the water and even the littlest splits can make the entire structure come up short.

  1. Accumulate Your Tools

When all parts and segments look at, you’ll have to assemble the instruments required for your wakeboard tower introduce venture. These include:

  • Reversible drill
  • Boring tools
  • Attachment torques
  • Allen torques
  • Round document
  • Covering
  • Estimating tape
  • Veiling tape
  • Pencil
  1. Decide the Desired Mounting Configuration

There are two different ways to mount a wakeboard tower on a vessel, specifically a top mount arrangement or a side mount setup. A top mount arrangement is ideal if your vessel has enough body width and enough surface mounting region on the deck. Then again, a side mount design is better if your pontoon has a limited bar and insufficient mounting surface on the deck. Make certain to consider which mounting choice is best for your wakeboard tower to introduce venture.

  1. Amass the Tower

Before you begin to introduce the wakeboard tower, you first need to amass the pinnacle itself. You’ll need to do the gathering on a canvas to keep unpleasant surfaces from scratching the wakeboard tower’s paint and finish.

Interface all the parts, however, don’t fix the screws and fasteners at this time since you’re likely going to need to make a few changes so they are situated appropriately before for all time securing them.

  1. Setting up the Mounting Area

Put some veiling tape on the mounting territory to shield the gel coat from scratches and limit splitting.

At that point with the assistance of a companion or relative, lift the collected wakeboard overshadow the vessel and spot it in the ideal mounting position. Imprint the perfect position and twofold check for balance utilizing the estimating tape.

On the off chance that you are happy with the mounting position and your markings, drill openings on the stamped regions where the fasteners and screws will go.

  1. Join the Wakeboard Tower to the Boat

When the openings have been penetrated, lift the wakeboard overshadow the pontoon and connect it to the vessel utilizing the screws and fasteners gave. Make the essential changes in accordance with position the wakeboard tower accurately over the pontoon.

When you are happy with the position, you can begin fixing the fasteners and screws to for all time fix the pinnacle onto the vessel.

Furthermore, that is it! Your wakeboard tower introduces venture is finished and you can carry your vessel and your wakeboard to the water for some wakeboarding fun.


Q: How much does it cost to introduce a wakeboard tower?

A: It regularly costs somewhere in the range of $1000 and $1500 to introduce a wakeboard tower. Be that as it may, the cost may either go up or down contingent upon the expert you contract to carry out the responsibility and their expense. You can hope to pay more in the event that you have different adornments introduced like wakeboard tower lights and speakers.

Q: Do you need a pinnacle to wakeboard?

A: No, you needn’t bother with a wakeboard tower to wakeboard. You can ride, hop wakes and do flip deceives by binds your tow rope to the standard tow eye. In any case, there are sure advantages of having a wakeboard tower, the more clear being giving your more tallness so you can bounce higher and accomplish progressively flying stunts.

Q: How would you introduce a wakeboard rack?

A: To introduce a wakeboard rack, follow the means beneath:

Gather the two forks on the plate facing up.

Connect the plate on the rear of the clip. Try not to fix the jolts at this time since you may need to swivel the rack during the establishment to get it into an appropriate position.

Select where you need to introduce the wakeboard rack on the wakeboard tower. For certain towers, the best establishment point would be some place around 2/3 of the path up the back legs.

Spot the mounting neckline on the pinnacle and fix the screws.

Append the plate get together on the mounting neckline and change as needs be before fixing the screws and fasteners.

Remember that every maker has their own arrangement of guidelines with regards to introducing a wakeboard rack. Make certain to adhere to the guidelines accurately to guarantee that the rack is introduced appropriately.

Q: What is a wakeboard tower utilized for?

A: Wakeboard towers are utilized to assist wakeboarders with getting more stature while doing stunts. By lifting the territory where the tow rope is attached to the vessel, wakeboarders will have the option to hop higher on the grounds that the rope won’t pull them down. In wakeboarding and other comparative watersports, bouncing higher takes into consideration more opportunity to execute deceives noticeable all around.


Wakeboarding is absolutely increasingly fun when you can bounce higher and invest more energy noticeable all around doing stunts. To do this, consider putting resources into a strong wakeboard tower. You can have experts do it for you or you can introduce a wakeboard tower to your vessel yourself by following the guide above. Without a doubt, a wakeboard tower introduces task can be monetarily and exertion requesting, yet it unquestionably will be justified, despite all the trouble.

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