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App Store Optimization (APO) is the process of optimizing mobile programs to improve the ranking within an app store’s search results. The visibility of your mobile app will improve with the rank of the mobile program in a program shop’s search results. It is one of the significant aspects that can allow you to get installs on your own app. If you want your app to rank along with their search results then you have to optimize your app for the program shop.

The majority of the programs are discovered by searching directly in program stores using key words. The practice of App Store Optimization is precisely the same to mobile apps what Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization ) is to websites with a significant difference. The task of SEO is completed as soon as the user visits the site but in ASO you need to convince the consumer to download the app once he is on the app page.

ASO is not just bringing the traffic on the app page but to convert the users to download the app. Since ASO is new in the advertising world, there are no particular strategies and calculations proven to get guaranteed results. Still there are a number of tips and tricks which have been working really well in attaining higher ranks from the app store. Lets have a peek at them.

1. Select Appropriate Category

The program stores have different categories where you need to choose the class for your program which should be a smart and proper decision as it will highly impact the ranking of your app in that specific class and gives an idea to the clients of exactly what your app does. Choose the category that’s most relevant to your app and the level of competition in that class should also be considered.

It’s also wise to assess the category of the programs which are very similar to yours as consumers now a days are rather aware of the categories. App shop has recently established a new feature of sub categories which helps the programs to rank in their particular categories. Additionally, picking inappropriate categories can lead to penalty for your program as it is from the App Store Guidelines.

2. Select the Right Keywords

You ought to start form preparing a list of relevant keywords also contemplating the keywords which are being targeted by your aggressive programs. Focusing on low competition keywords in the start will help in ranking from the top list of the key words. Following that you can optimize further for more competitive key words when you receive excellent number of favorable reviews and downloads. Apple App Store has a maximum 100 character key word field which directly impacts the search results whereas Google Play Store understands the applicable keywords form the app description to position the program.

3. Writing App Title and Name

Whilst picking a name for your app, go for a descriptive key word that u think people will use for looking for your app. Using relevant keywords in the name can help in higher position of the program. For better results use the keyword differently in the program description as program description and graphics on the program page is the thing that compels the user to download the program.

The first 2-3 lines of the app description must simply and concisely describe how will the app fulfill the consumer needs. Mentioning the exceptional features of the program in bullet points is also a good choice as the user will be able to get the points clearly. Considering that the other similar apps and employing the idea on your app in the context of producing the app description is a great thought also.

Don’t forget to modify the descriptions quite creatively with each new update of your program to delight and engage the users.

4. Complete App list

The components like app icon, screenshots of the program, etc play a significant role since these aid in convincing the consumers to download the app after going to the page. It should instantly represent what the program is all about. The sophistication from the visual of the program icon will cause hampering the visibility on little screens.

Guidelines for the program icon should be followed strictly to avoid any difficulties. The screenshots which are to be utilized won’t impact the rankings of this program but will allow you to grow the downloads. Pictures and videos enable the users to picture the working of your app and will drive downloads heavily. The videos and pictures should highlight the essential features and the pages on which users will spend most of their time.

5. Invite Users to Rate and Review

Another significant element for ASO is ratings and review. App Shop believes positive testimonials and decent rank as one the important validation for app’s quality and improves its ranking. Apps having good ratings are on top of the app shops. Sending them push notification following the consumer has used the program multiple times has the chances to get decent review. Don’t go for fake reviews as they are easily identified by app shops.

A lot of different factors have to be optimized in precisely the exact same time so as to maximize the effects of ASO. Routine updates and improvements of the app will increase its program shop existence. This will improve the app visibility and positions, which will drive more organic downloads. We will be coming with more mobile app marketing methods. Stay tuned!

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