How To Find The Perfect Wholesale Clothing Supplier?

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When you are planning to start a clothing store, whether it is an online store or a brick and mortar store, finding a wholesale dresses supplier is a basic requirement you have to meet. If you are selling patchwork dresses, you want to count on a wholesale patchwork dresses supplier that can deliver fairly-priced, quality clothing with no delay. However, first of all, you need to know where to start from. 

Here you have the following two options:  

  1. Domestic clothing supplier 
  2. Overseas clothing Supplier 

Domestic Vs Overseas 

This is an important question you have to answer. Shall you partner with a local supplier or someone who is shipping wholesale patchwork dresses across the borders? There are advantages or disadvantages of both options. In the end, the product, your own value and your personal preferences matter. However, you have to do proper research to learn about the quality standards for domestic and overseas wholesale patchwork dresses suppliers. This will help you in making a decision that is best for your business.  

Domestic Wholesale Clothing Supplier  


Due to the location, shipping time is significantly shorter when you are working with a domestic supplier. There isn’t any language barrier between you and the wholesale dressing supplier. So, communication is pretty easier. This also leaves a small room for errors and mistakes. In the end, all boils down to a higher quality of manufacturing. 


Getting clothing supplied from a local supplier brings two disadvantages as well. You have a limited amount of products to choose from. Secondly, costs are likely to be higher. There are better labor laws in place. The quality of the products is also higher. This is the reason why the price of goods is much higher. 

Overseas Wholesale Clothing Suppliers  


This option also comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Lower manufacturing costs is the biggest advantage of working with an overseas supplier. It is because of lower quality products and labor standards. So, you have many wholesale clothing suppliers to choose from. 


Longer shipping time is a major disadvantage. It takes time to receive products from the supplier and sell to your customers. Though occasionally, you will end up having issues with your customers. You might not be able to meet the manufacturer or supplier in person. At least this is not cheap. Most importantly, you cannot verify products. It is a big hassle. There are language barriers and cultural differences. This can lead to mistakes, errors and a serious headache for you. 

How To Find A Supplier  

Online Directories 

The easiest way to find a wholesale clothing supplier is exploring free online directories. you can find both local and overseas suppliers through these directories.

Search Engines

One simple Google query is enough to find all the local wholesale clothing suppliers. You can also search for overseas suppliers from specific country shipping products to your country. However not all wholesale suppliers regularly update their websites. So, search engines usually don’t rank their website. So visit the second or third search engine result page as well  to find a wholesale clothing supplier.

Word Of Mouth

If you already have some connections in the business, you can count on word of mouth referrals.

Social Media Groups

If you can’t find anyone who can help you in finding a supplier, you can join an online forum or social media groups where people discuss about clothing.

Trade Events

Consider attending trade events if you time and money. 

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