How to Conduct a Technical SEO audit

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There are no perfect websites without any room for improvement this fact indeed carries immense weight age as you need to maximize your SEO efforts in order to succeed online SEO should be your utmost priority if you wish to rank your website higher in fact 61 say it’s their main focus when it comes to inbound marketing to make sure your SEO is at its premier best and SEO technical auditors must this will give you a clear view of how your website ranks and what steps you need to take to improve rankings.

Let us discuss how you can conduct an SEO audit your website should be crawl able this is perhaps the first and foremost step while performing a technical SEO audit.

There’s no use of writing quality contents if search engines are unable to crawl or index your page.

What do crawlers help you find errors such as poor images broken lines bad keywords and page title issue along with identifying duplicate content access redirects and unlike pages?

Review site map one of the most crucial steps to get your SEO strategy right is reviewing the site map it can infer the search engines about your website structure and at the same time helps them to discover new pages your site map should be up to date clean and concise registered in google search console.

Make sure only one version of your website is brows able does your website have different versions if yes then it’s high time to switch to one because crawlers will get confused about which version is the right one errors like these can occur due to mobile and desktop versions or maybe duplicate HTTP and https versions, therefore, ensure there is only one browse able version of your website.

Internal linking apart from keywords internal linking plays a major role in boosting the ranking of your website content of 600 to 800 words must contain at least two to three internal links here a few things you should check about internal linking broken links often pages.

Click depth testing site speed another critical parameter involved in SEO auditing is the testing of your site speed time is money and visitors don’t like to wait for a page to load which ultimately results in visitors opting out.

Therefore it is essential to maintain a proper page load speed to increase bounce rate.

Rake roll your website once you are done fixing issues that emerged in the technical.

SEO audit you can ask Google to rate crawl your website this step is necessary to ensure the changes you’ve made are taken into account or not to achieve this go to the Google search console and head to crawl and tap on fetch as Google enter the url that needs to be fetched and tap on fetch.

Once the Google bot finds your page just click on submit to index and Google will re-crawl it.

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