How can BPO Outsourcing Companies decrease Customer Effort Score (CES)?


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To make your business talk of the town, it is significant to make sure that customers get the top-notch support service without putting much effort. Owing to this, most of the organisations prefer to approach BPO outsourcing companies instead of running an in-house call centre.

There are many reputed BPO firms in Australia that always give their best in order to keep the customer effort score in check. This is so because both customer attrition rate and CES go hand in hand.

Are you wondering what customer effort score (CES) really means? Well, CES signifies the amount of effort that customers put during the interaction to get the expected support service from the agents.

The significance of CES cannot be taken for granted because 58% of customers cut the ties with a company when they don’t get the desired service after putting so much effort. As per the reports, 70% of customers suggest others to never get associated with a company that offers poor customer service.

Are you an owner of a BPO firm? Do you want to bring the CES down? Take a gander at the following pointers that will solve all your queries in a flash:

Ameliorate the self-service

Well, BPO outsourcing companies have always been known for their astounding customer service. During the peak hour, the rate of average customer service queries gets increased.

Owing to sudden workload, there is a high possibility that customers may not get the expected assistance from the agents. Consequently, this can increase the customer effort score, which, in turn, leads to reduced CSAT score.

Therefore, it is significant to offer self-service facility so that customers can solve the trivial issues on their own. In addition, this will also reduce the workload of the agents and thereby productivity will increase.

It is highly suggested to BPO firms to make sure that customers don’t face any problem while using self-service as it affects the CX levels. The most common issue that customers face using self-service is the language that is usually too technical or unclear.

Fix the issues in the first attempt

From small organisations to multinationals, everyone appreciates BPO outsourcing companies in Australia because of their capability to provide a prompt response. However, this sometimes makes a negative impact on the CSAT score.

Owing to the motive to keep the average handle time in check, agents sometimes don’t listen to customer’s queries properly, which, in turn, leads to delivery of average support service. Due to this, customers have to make contact again to get the desired resolution. As a result, this not only increases the average number of queries but also lifts the CES.

Hence, it is significant for the agents to listen to customers properly during the interaction so as to understand the real cause of the issue. After that, wipe-out all the issues from the root and this will surely build the brand image.

In a nutshell, FCR (First Contact Resolution) is much important than AHT (Average Handle Time).

Don’t complicate the conversation

On every support channel, customers seek a personal touch. Therefore, it is vital for the BPO firms to make sure that agents always assist the customers in a personal manner. Furthermore, it is advisable for agents to use simpler language during the customer interaction.

It is so because using jargon or technical language isn’t going to impress the customers. In addition to this, customers may ask more questions if they face problems while understanding the solution of product or service related queries. This will increase the AHT, which, in turn, leads to poor productivity.

So, the most effective way to keep the CES in check is keeping the conversation simple and relevant.

Ask feedback from agents

In order to reduce the CES, it behooves BPO firms to ask feedback from customer service agents. This is so because the agents have a fair idea about the product or service related issues that customers mostly face.

In addition, customers always explain the issues to the agents during the interaction. Are you thinking that survey forms could be helpful here? This is to inform you that most of the customers don’t explain the issues while giving feedback. Due to this, some issues stay hidden.

So, it would be very beneficial to solicit feedback from the agents and make the suitable changes immediately. This will improve the quality of customer service, which consequently, reduces the CES.

Final few words:

To keep enjoying the success for a long period of time, it is paramount to keep customers happy. For the same reason, it is imperative to ensure that customers always get the desired services without putting much effort.

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