How Any Entrepreneur Can Find the Perfect Name for Their Business


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Any entrepreneur who begins a company and takes the time to discover the perfect name is like a good farmer who puts his seeds on fruitful land. However, any entrepreneur who makes the error of giving their business a bad name is like someone trying to grow a beautiful flower in the hot desert sand.

And, just as scorching desert sands aren’t ideal for growing flowers, your company requires a strong brand foundation if it’s to blossom into a profitable business. 

Your business needs a perfect name, not only because it’s necessary for its online visibility but also because it provides actual value that transcends a brand’s survival and impacts its development and success.

It makes no difference what type of business you are in; having a powerful brand name will do more than simply help your company survive. And, in case you’re wondering how to come up with the best name for your company, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Big Brands Are Getting Perfect Brand Names

If you didn’t know, most of the major corporations we celebrate today realized early on that their business would have little chance of success without a great name driving their brand.

That’s why Jeff Bezos wasted no time changing his company’s name from Cadabra to Amazon, Sergey Brin and Larry Page changed Backrub to Google, and Phil Knight changed Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike. 

By changing their names, these businesses took active steps in developing their brand identities, and as a result, they’ve risen to the top in their respective industries.

Choosing the right brand name made it easier for these brands to:

  • Attract repeat customers
  • Build an emotional connection with their audience
  • Recruit committed and skilled employees
  • Boost customer referrals
  • Increase their earnings

So, now that you understand why having the perfect name is important for your business, let’s get started on how you can find the right name for your company.

How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Business

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1. Envision Your Brand

Every seasoned entrepreneur recognizes that the amount of success a business owner achieves with their brand is directly proportional to the quantity and quality of information they possess and apply.

So, if you want to create a product or brand that will capture your target audience, you’ll need to gather a lot of data about:

  • Your company
  • Your target audience
  • Your business’s competitors 
  • Your industry 

And, yes, obtaining a lot of information on a consistent basis from all of these sources is the key to achieving the greatest results.

With that said, start by acquiring a broad understanding of what works and what doesn’t in your industry, then focus on understanding your customer’s expectations and how you can balance them with your brand’s personal touch.

It’s critical to remember that great brand names can only be obtained from great brand concepts, and this is due to the fact that naming a great concept is far easier than naming a bad one.

2. Choose an Attractive Brand Tone

The tone of a brand is the hidden attraction that impacts how strongly consumers are pulled towards your company. If you don’t get the right tone, your brand will lose its appeal and won’t be able to connect with your target audience.

However, if you have a thorough understanding of your audience and business, you will be able to create a tone that matches your customer’s desires and expectations.

Apple is merely the name of another fruit, but Steve Jobs imbued it with the principles of his company. Today, Apple is recognized in the IT world as a simple, elegant, and distinct brand that ‘thinks differently.’

3. Understand Your Brand’s Elements

You must recognize that your brand’s elements are the core of your business. Understanding your brand’s key concepts, values, stories, culture, and value proposition will help you to identify these elements quickly.

Your brand’s elements would not only serve as great hints to the perfect name, but they’d also play an important role in helping you develop a business that people can relate to.

4. Begin Brainstorming

It’s time to let your creative imagination run wild like the wind. Search dictionaries, thesaurus, and even online for words that represent your brand’s message and personality.

Brainstorming requires a good amount of time, focus, discipline, and energy. If all of this seems too much for you, organize a team and tell them about the kind of name your brand needs so they can help you find the best one.

If team building isn’t your thing, a powerful company name generator is your best option because it can help you discover unique names that’ll pique your customer’s interests and inspire their loyalty.

Trademark Your Brand Name

Using a name that another company has already trademarked would certainly land your new company in serious legal trouble. So, before choosing a name for your brand, double-check the word with the US Patent and Trademark Office to ensure it hasn’t previously been trademarked.

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