Here is How to Buy a Right IFB Microwave for Your Kitchen


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The microwave oven has become an indispensable kitchen appliance for grilling, reheating and even baking. Many food items can be cooked in microwaves, including popcorn, chicken grills, kebabs, pizza, muffins, and you can even reheat frozen food. Microwave oven also saves time and energy by cooking in minutes.

When you only thought a microwave oven was suitable for heating, grilling, and basic baking, you were under-utilizing the device. In addition to poaching eggs, rehydrating stale bread, toasting nuts and spices, and more, you can do a lot with it.

When shopping for a new IFB microwave oven, you’ve probably gotten used to the wide range of models and options. How much power and what size would be most appropriate for your needs? In what ways do microwave convection ovens differ from traditional microwaves?

The microwave lets you make food easily and quickly at home, it is surprisingly versatile. A conventional oven not only heats and defrosts, but also grills, roasts, and bakes. You can select IFB microwave oven according to your needs, of course. Therefore, in order to purchase the right IFB microwave oven for your kitchen, you should have a basic understanding of different types of microwave oven. 

Types of Microwave Oven


IFB Microwave oven with convection uses a heating element and a fan to cook food. Grilling food and browning it on these models are both possible, and cooking food more evenly. Cooking various meals can be done with a convection microwave, including making Roti, Naan, roast chicken, baking bread, and baking cake. In addition to air frying, steam cooking, and yogurt making, some establishments offer additional services. If you need the most features from your microwave, choose a convection model. The appliance is ideal for defrosting, heating, roasting, browning, crisping, and baking meals in space-constrained kitchens. Alternatively, it can be used as a second oven for family gatherings when you make large meals frequently.


With a grill microwave oven, you get all the features of a solo microwave but with the addition of an internal grill. Cooking food this way also improves the texture and makes it tastier. Paneer can be grilled in these microwaves along with meat and vegetables. Grilling and microwaving functions can be used together or separately in IFB microwave oven, giving you more flexibility.


A solo microwave is also referred to as a standard model or a microwave-only model. This makes them ideal for simple tasks such as reheating, cooking ready meals, steaming vegetables, and defrosting food. Microwaves are the best choice for heating up and defrosting food, and if you do not require extra features for more complex dishes.

Microwave Dimensions

The external dimensions and capacity of a microwave oven can be compared before purchasing. IFB Microwave oven come in a variety of sizes. You can then determine whether it can accommodate your meal size requirements, as well as whether you have the required space. A typical domestic IFB microwave oven has a capacity of around 20-35 litres, depending on how many people you prepare food for.

Microwave Wattage

Wattage is the measurement of microwave power – the greater the Wattage, the quicker the food cooks. Therefore, in order to maximize speed, choose a IFB microwave model with a higher wattage. 

Features should be consider before purchasing a IFB microwave oven

Auto Cook Menu

The Auto Cook Menu feature of IFB microwave oven allows you to select from various preset programs to simplify the preparation of recipes. In addition, the oven will automatically set a dish’s cooking time and power depending on the type of dish selected.


The defrosting feature allows you to defrost frozen food quickly. It’s easy to use auto defrost: enter the weight of the frozen food, and the oven will calculate the best defrosting program for it. The power level and time can also be manually set according to the weight of the food.


Preheating an oven means getting it to a set temperature before you cook. When making cake, cookies, or other recipes requiring grilling, it is usually used before those items are prepared. 

The above mentioned are some important aspects that can assist you when selecting the right IFB microwave oven for your kitchen.

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