Gift Wrapping Styles And Type Of Bags


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The excitement of a gift is both in the type of gift and its presentation as well. There is nothing more interesting during a birthday or holiday than having a beautiful and attractive box all wrapped up and wondering, “What could be in there?” You can wrap a gift in many different styles to make that wrapping even more enticing. These days many people prefer using specialty gift boxes, personalized garment bags, custom garment bags, plastic garment bags, and so on. 

Check out below the trendy gift wrapping styles you must try. 

1. DIY Hand-Lettered Wrapping

The best way to show your love and care for someone is by creating it yourself. In the case of gift wrapping, you can use a handwritten note on twill tape. This is a great way to show your hard effort for every detail in giving a gift to your loved ones. You can also stuff your gifts in adorable personalized garment bags

2. DIY Mouse Gift Wrap

Your loved ones will surely love to unwrap a little creature? Therefore, you can gift them a mouse gift-wrapped gift. This will surely make the receiver contemplate whether to even open the gift or keep on adoring its adorable wrapping. Also, there are custom garment bags to store all your stuff. 

3. Fabric Flower Petal

Flowers are loved by everyone and they never fail to impress. So, instead of sticking to that old bow to top things off, use a fabric flower to make a different gift wrapping style. 

4. Word Search Wrapping Paper                             

If your loved one is a puzzle lover then this word search wrapping is almost like two gifts in one. 

5. Fabric Gift Pouch

You can also try to make a gift pouch out of cotton fabric. This is a very creative way to pack your gift and make it look different. Complete the wrapping with cotton twine and your wrapping would be perfect. 

6. Threaded Pom-Poms

Use the threaded pom-poms but not the gigantic ones you see cheerleaders waving. Stick little and colorful cotton ones on the top of your gift to make it look lovely. It is easy to make and a very interesting way to make your kids involved in the gift wrapping process.  

7. Photo Wrapping Paper

Another great way to wrap gifts is to use your photos and whomever you are giving a gift to. The receiver will surely appreciate and love this photo wrapping style of your gift. 

8. Interactive Wrapping Paper

Interactive wrapping paper is highly useful if you are going to give a gift to a child. This turns boring wrapping paper into a playground for the kids. Moreover, kids will feel that they get two gifts.

On the Ending Note

Always give your gift box wrapped in a unique wrapping paper and customized personal bags. You can get many specialty gift boxes and product packaging supplies from the market. Make sure that you choose the color and style of the gift wrap according to the likes of the receiver.

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