Five Tips for a Cost Effective Spa Clean


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Every modern home today has private spa facility at their bathroom. But what homeowners don’t know is the fact that their spa is susceptible to debris accumulation and this makes reduce the quality of your spa session. Not only it will minimize the quality, but also increases the overall operating cost of the spa and makes the spa water quality inferior. So, cleaning your spa regularly is extremely important. But this doesn’t mean that you have to simply drain and refill the spa as the contaminants from old water would transfer to new water and the end results with not be satisfying at all. Thorough cleaning of the spa is necessary and ensure to male use of Organic Spa Cleaner to achieve better results.

Treating the Pipelines of Spa

Comprehensive cleaning of the spa includes regular treatment for pipelines prior draining the water from the spa. There are specific tools available that you need to use to treat the pipelines before draining and refilling the spa. This will help you in different ways including:

  • Removal of the scale build-up in the jets and plumbing system of the spa
  • Breaking down the organic waste and body oils accumulated in the pipelines
  • Optimizing the circulation and filtration
  • Preventing the solids from depositing into the pipes
Draining & Cleaning of Spa

After successfully draining the old water from the spa, you need to wash and polish the shell properly using some organic Spa Cleaning Products for surface. The organic products are safe to use and it will never damage the surface of the spa. It can efficiently remove the hard water deposits, scale build-up, dirt and greases along with water line from the surface of the spa. This will brighten up the surface and clean it thoroughly. If your spa has any cover you can also clean it using the same surface cleaner.

Refreshing the Spa Filter

All debris accumulated in the lint trap and skimmer must be removed properly and then the filter needs to be removed. If required you need to use a garden hose that can help you loosen the dirt and other deposits from filter. Spray the filter cleaner and then soak it for 15-20 minutes. You may require using light brushing on the filter so as to remove the dirt, oil, scale accumulation perfectly and then place the cartridge into solution of one part of the filter.

You need to prepare a new mixture with 3 parts of water and soak the filter for one hour and then rinse it with garden hose pressure. But it is suggested that you must always prefer to use a new filter if budget is not a constraint.

Refill with Clean Water and Sanitize the Spa

After cleaning the filter install it back and refill the spa with fresh and clean water and add the best Organic Spa Sanitizer into the water to keep the water clean always and maintain its hygiene level. This will also help in preventing the spa from scale build-up, water discoloration and staining from metals.

Improvise the Comfort Level and Product Performance

In order to improvise the comfort level and performance of the spa products you need to use organic products which will add fragrance to the spa, while enhancing the comfort of water and increase its clarity. This will also make the winter spa experience optimal for the users indeed.

These were the best five tips for spa cleaning which every homeowner must follow in order have best and ultimate spa sessions every time. You may either clean the span by your own or hire the professional to do the cleaning job for you.

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