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Recycling is a full-fledged process when one is tried of using a product then he or she decides to sell it or dismiss it. then it becomes a waste. Centuries ago when people trash their products it becomes nothing but a wasteful thing but now as the technology is there to help and they find a way to re-use the things that has been labeled as a waste or a trash. Now that each and everything goes for a recycle process it cause some harmful and some beneficial and helpful effect on environment. We live in a world that has now harmful effect on the environment. Environment actually plays a vital and major role in recycling. From trees to paper, from wood to metal, from glass to electronic products all have become the source of the recycling process.

This is how it works when we trash any product, there is a need for the product to go somewhere, and this somewhere has a process called recycling. As we are talking about recycling and the process of recycling, well as the technology is moving forward and expanding its business so the business of recycling is moving. They both are direct to each other. because as the years are that has been taken from the soil, the water we use to drink, it directly has an effect on the domestic life and wildlife.

So, the whole process of recycling has a good and bad effect on the environment based on the product that is being the part of recycling. E-waste management is creating awareness on consumers and awareness among the business people who are taking part in the recycling process but creating awareness for the not damaging environment. But no matter what such products are made in a way that the will have a bad impact on the environment and it will destroy the environment gradually. Certified electronics passing almost every brand introduce new technology, series, the generation which led to selling old devices. Let’s say I want to buy a new device so firstly I will sell my laptop or sell my iPod depending on which next device I am going to buy. The product I will sell goes for a recycling process. And this is how the business of recycling is thriving every year.

Electronic waste more commonly known as E-waste itself is a vast and huge industry. To sell my go pro or to sell my tablet or to sell my Apple TV, these all type of electronics have the same impact on E-waste. There is an informal and formal process of E-waste. Why is it so?. Because technology has the most and huge demand in this world now, the vast the technology is , the more the e-waste is. The formal process includes a healthy cycle of E-waste, whereas the informal process is a lead towards un-healthy effects both on the environment and on human health.

If we see the worldwide rate of E-waste in past years then it becomes clear that now recycle has more in demand then it was decades back. LED LCD, Desktops, laptops, monitors, CPU, RAM, Tablets all of these electronic elements, and products are the part of E-waste. An average percentage is counted for E-waste every year that almost 55% of electronics comes for recycling. But those countries who are not availing the recycling process, still use the old method that is to dispose of products in landfills which in the end dismiss the product by burying it.

As there are many advantages of recycling a product that it gives a space to landfills, it reduces and decreases the consumption of energy and for many products, it saves natural resources.

But there are many ways that have environmental impact and effect by the recycling process on electronics. In many developing countries the disposing of electronics and waste of electronics led to ecological impact which is demonstrated by graphics. The release of liquid in the recycle process effects the atmosphere and air which in the end divert itself in a water or soil, even in air and lands. What happens is the liquid may be contagious for both animal and human beings which results in the disease. the crops recycler are paying head to environmental issues because it is polluting the air which in the end results in the bad heath of human being and animals.

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