Does Synthetic Hair or Bio-Fibres Damage the Scalp in any Way


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Hair Transplant Surgery is a miraculous treatment for all those patients who are facing the problem of baldness. But still, on the same, there are thousands of patients who don’t have adequate donor area and there are patients who desire to increase their hair density without any scar as well. And that is why they are searching for premium treatments to alter their hairline but every time depressed due to failure. Donor Area plays a very important role in Hair Transplant Surgery and initiates an individual towards a better life. Today I am writing this blog to all those patients who are somewhere unable to alter their hairline. There are very few patients who are aware of Bio- Fibres or Synthetic Hair Transplant.

Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic Hair Transplant refers to the technique of implantation of artificial hair which is designed for all those patients who don’t have adequate donor area into their head. But patients often confused regarding the treatment rituals for Synthetic Hair and always questioning the usefulness of it. See, Synthetic Fibres are very useful for the patients and are completely safe and effective. Synthetic Fibres are completely looking like natural hair and do not harm in any way. Scalp and rest of the hair are completely safe after Implantation of Synthetic Fibres. The choice of hair density completely depends upon the patients. Generally, patients who have the worst donor area are the premium candidates for Synthetic Hair Transplant Surgery. The patients who want to increase the density following a previous bad transplant or who have generally a low density are good candidates as well. Generally, we can suggest this to all those patients as well who want to alter their hairline. But at the same time, the patient should keep in mind that the newly implanted hair fibers will not grow any further and need touch up. This procedure needs a highly-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon to perform. Whether the implantation of Hair Fibres are very simple but the best Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon always ensures the best results to their patient without any surgical errors.

Types of Hair Fibres

1. Bio-Fibres:

Manufactures in Italy and mostly used by every surgeon in India. These fibers come in single follicles.

2. Nido Fibres:

Manufactures in Japan and comes in triplets or we can say hair fibers with triple follicles. The best plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon always suggest to each patient to do a test patch of 100 hair fibers. The idea behind the test patch is the surgeon needs to assure that the patient is not allergic to it. This process generally takes up to 1 to 5 hours and can cover the frontal area as well as the entire head depending on the requirement of the patient and every year patients will need to come back at least twice to allow replacement of some of the synthetic hair that is falling. If anyone wants to get their Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi and Gurgaon, visit Divine Cosmetic Surgery. Divine Cosmetic Surgery is located in Delhi and Gurgaon. Choose Divine Cosmetic Surgery for the best hair transplant cost in Delhi. It is the best, safe, and gracious place for your surgery. We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery provide you the best Hair Transplant surgery in Delhi and Gurgaon. Dr. Amit Gupta (Founder and Senior Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon) of Divine Cosmetic Surgery are the well-known, experienced, and accomplished surgeon who helps you to get your new and perfect hairline. Our senior surgeon at Divine is very concerned about the safety and cleanliness of every patient. Our senior surgeon Dr. Amit Gupta founded Divine Cosmetic Surgery in March 2011. Our senior surgeon is a well-experienced and kind-hearted surgeon in Delhi and Gurgaon. Dr. Amit Gupta is famous for his accomplishments and accomplished 5900+ Hair Transplant Surgeries in Delhi and Gurgaon. Surgeons at Divine Cosmetic Surgery are multi-specialist in both surgical and non-surgical treatments and versatile in their work. We welcome you to India’s renowned plastic Surgery clinic in Delhi and Gurgaon to get your surgery done. Divine Cosmetic Surgery is the gracious and safest place for your surgery. We provide the best and safe treatments in Delhi and Gurgaon at the best possible prices.

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