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Thinking of starting with a highly engaging and interactive blogging site? Then selecting the right hosting type might be one of the major ongoing issues.  

Well, when you start very fresh in the market, the budget seems to be the only problem. This is why most bloggers find their last resort in shared hosting. As they are cheap but are they worthy enough.  

Once your website will start to grow, your shared hosting provider will not be able to meet all the expectations. But a cheap VPS hosting plan can. As initially, you will be new to the hosting world and terminologies, we are here to guide you throughout.  

Why VPS Hosting?

Shared hosting might seem to be the most appealing option but not a viable one. Here comes VPS hosting at your rescue. VPS is a private virtual server that resides on a physical machine.  

Unlike shared hosting, each user of the VPS server gets access to a guaranteed set of resources. The resources assigned to your server are only utilized by your website without any intrusion. Due to this feature, a VPS host works similarly to a dedicated server. Your blogging website can perform optimally till the time you overload your VPS server.   

Just like in dedicated server space, you are allowed to install applications without taking any permission from the VPS hosting provider.      

The best part of VPS server space is that, if your neighboring user’s server is hacked, then there is no effect on your virtual space. The virtual space creates a completely separate computing environment for the individual user. If you face any issue with security, then you can install the security software of your choice. You don’t get this freedom with shared hosting as they don’t allow machines’ root access.  

Definite Reasons to Migrate to a VPS Host

Here are some reasons when you need not think twice before migrating to a VPS host. If you are still in the building phase of your blogging, then you can initially migrate to a cheap VPS hosting plan. So, let’s see what scenarios should lead to migration from the shared hosting-

1. Lag in Your Blogging Website

A time comes when your blogging website starts to experience lagging very often. This usually happens when the demand for your blog increases, but your shared host is not efficient enough to support this increase. Lagging is generally noticed through slow page loading speed and sometimes does not opens at all. This creates a very depreciating impact of your blog on the viewers.  

Another reason why this happens is the inclusion of unused plugins and CSS files. Your shared hosting provider cannot cope up with such files and plugins. The architectural setup of VPS hosting is designed in a way that can support all the files. Thus, there is a negligible chance of the website lagging once hosted on a VPS host.  

2. Increase in Traffic

No one can predict the increase in website traffic. Your blogging website can experience an increase in traffic in the future, and if you are not prepared for it then there can be repercussions. The server gets overburdened of the resources and you can lose innumerable organic visitors.  

Shared hosting poses restrictions on resource usage, as there are multiple users to support to. This leads your blogging website to fail. But a VPS host will never let you down and will not let you lose on a single blog viewer.  

3. Security is at Risk

Security should be of the utmost concern for any blog website owner. Every blog is very crucial for your blogging website. Thus, it is necessary to keep your website protected from viruses and malware. But do you think a shared host can provide the level of security you are looking for when it has to serve so many other users also?  

A VPS host secured your website and maintains the SEO ranking of your website simultaneously. The VPS host will substantially lower down the vulnerability towards cyberattacks. It makes sure that there are no data leaks as there is no sharing of the resources.  

4. Need to Customize

As shared hosting does not allow root access there is no possibility to customize or make any modifications to the server. VPS server on the other hand provides you the root access. Through root access, you can customize any server specification as per your need. This would come as a surprise, but one can install the operating system of their choice. It further gives you the freedom to run your server on your choice.  

5. Revenue Generation Not Up to the Mark

It becomes impossible to make money from your blog website with a shared host after some point in time. Whereas VPS hosting ensures you good returns in the long run. As it is the reliability improves to a whole new level which gives a push to the revenue generation. Shared hosting is also tended to bring downtime to your server. This leads to loss of the potential viewers and clients. Such is never the case with a VPS host.

6. Unavailability of Extended Bandwidth

Once you start to grow, you make plans to build a blogging empire. You dream of running multiple blogs but your shared hosting provider disappoints you. This usually happens due to the unavailability of bandwidth. Shared hosting can only promise limited bandwidth. While a VPS host does not have any such bandwidth-related problems. It can anytime upgrade your hosting plan at an affordable rate.  


These were some very important scenarios when you need to rethink your hosting needs. Your blogging website needs an environment wherein it can grow and you can simultaneously monetize out of it. Not all hosting plans can promise you such excellent services and especially not a shared hosting plan.  

So, what’s the point in wasting your time and money on such hosting plans when we have got you covered with our affordable VPS hosting plan. You would not find a better service even after detailed research. Hence, a promising hosting plan is just one call away.  

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