Diabetes – Types and Care Management


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According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) survey, 463 million people globally have diabetes, and 88 million people are from Southeast Asia. Out of the 88 million people, 77 million people belong to India. India is the second most affected in the world. As per the statistics, this number is expected to reach 134 million by the year 2045.

It thus becomes important to understand and acknowledge diabetes mellitus causes, symptoms, treatment, and type. Gaining a detailed awareness of types of diabetes and its care is important considering the increasing cases of diabetes in the world.

Diabetes- Its Types & Care Management

Diabetes requires continuous and effective patient care services to prevent further diabetic complications. Diabetes care is complex, and good care is needed to reduce the risk of severe health problems.

There are two main types of diabetes, i.e., type 1 and type 2. Diabetes, be it of any kind, affects the way the body regulates blood sugar levels or glucose levels. Glucose is necessarily needed to keep the body cells healthy, and it needs insulin to enter in to the body cells.

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People who have type 1 diabetes don’t produce insulin, and hence, it is also called insulin-dependent diabetes. It can damage blood vessels in the eyes, nerves, and kidneys and further pose a risk of heart attacks.

Type 1 Diabetes Care:

It is essential to keep several care management techniques to provide elder care services to people who have type 1 diabetes. Read on to know about the specific lifestyle changes required to prevent further risks associated with type 1 diabetes.

1. Ensure frequent testing of blood sugar levels

2. Follow a workout routine

3. Never miss insulin and other suggested medicines

4. Plan a healthy diet

If not provided proper patient care services, it can further lead to serious health problems. It is important to go for an expert treatment plan, which might include injecting insulin into the fatty tissues just under the skin.

Type 2 Diabetes- Care & Treatment:

Non-insulin-dependent diabetes is common in people who are obese or overweight. Studies have found that around 90% of people with diabetes suffer from type 2. Unlike type 1 diabetes, where the body doesn’t produce insulin, the patients with type 2 diabetes produce some insulin, which is either not enough as per the body needs or the body doesn’t use it as it should. Some basic tips to take care of if suffering from type 2 diabetes:

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1. Careful diet planning involving low fat and calories

2. Daily exercise routine

3. Regular insulin dosage

4. Maintaining body weight

No matter what health problem you are suffering from, good care and effective treatment is a must. If you are an elder living alone and suffering from diabetes, you can also consider the old age care takers service to help cope with the underlying health problems.

Understanding Diabetes Care & Treatment

Diabetes is a health problem related to metabolism and how our body reacts to food digestion, growth, and energy utilization. 

Thus, it is important to provide good health care support to people suffering from diabetes to follow a proper treatment plan that might include daily insulin dose, injectable, daily exercises, and recommended medications.

Maintaining a healthy weight is advised to prevent diabetes-related health problems. Exercise daily, eat healthily, and stay fit.

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