A Complete Guide to Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses


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There is no better time for the mother of the brides than now so far as the glam quotient for the wedding of your daughter is concerned. For decades, the look has been one of being modest and matronly and wearing age-appropriate dresses. But not anymore. Today, mother of the bride dresses has broken free from the traditional shackles with experiments in various colors and designs taking centerstage. Keep the thoughts of a traditional sheath and a cocktail jacket away from your mind and think new and positive – maybe a 2-piece pantsuit with a bead and crystal-embellished bolero jacket. Now how is that for modernity? 

However, it is still not a free-for-all while selecting a mother of the bride dresses just because you have the license to explore new territories now. While style is encouraged in the modern wedding dispensation, the key is the intention. Have a pretty good idea of what you want to wear before stepping out for a store, an exclusive wedding boutique, or ordering online. The key factors are cut and color, and if you have a clear idea about these aspects you might end up buying a dress that is very beautiful but not suitable for the wedding. This is because a choice of mother of the bride dresses is dependent on several variables and not just on how you are going to look on your daughter’s wedding. 

Here is a guide to choosing mother of the bride dresses. Follow these tips and you possibly cannot go wrong.

Shopping Timeline

With so much on your hands in preparing for the great day, your natural inclination would be to strike off the must-do’s off the list as quickly as possible, including what you will be wearing. Here, you have to strike a fine balance. You cannot be too early as you have to wait for the color palette for the wedding and thebridesmaid’s dresses to be decided first. While you have to go with the color theme, the color of your dress should not exactly match that of the bridesmaids. But more on that later.

On the other hand, you cannot leave the selection till too late. You have to keep adequate time in hand for alterations and modifications, more so if you plan to have mother of the bride dressesexclusively tailor-made for you. The same margin should be available for the mother of the groom too. Traditionally, the mother of the bride makes the choice first on color, fabric, and style, based on which the mother of the groom follows. Hence, you have to keep adequate provision so that she has ample time to make her selection too. It is primarily done so that the mothers of the bride and the groom together stand out in the wedding photographs. 

The sweet spot for ordering mother of the bride dressesis about 3 months before the wedding, leaving enough time to discuss color and exchange fabric with the mother of the groom.

Discuss with the Bride

The bride is the star of the show and her decisions are very important. Sit down with her and discuss what she and the groom have in mind. Is it an informal club affair or a formal black-tie church wedding? Is there any specific theme for the wedding? Are there any design elements or a bridal party fashion to be followed? Your daughter and the groom must have fine-tuned all these aspects right down to the last detail, all of which will have a bearing on mother of the bride dresses. Her inputs are critical – it will prevent you from opting for a long and beautiful gown with a trail for a beach wedding! And then there are the wedding photographs too where you should blend in with the theme and not stick out like a sore thumb. Consult your daughter first, she knows best. 

Select a Complimentary Color

The color of the mother of the bride dressesand the overall color palettehas a huge role to play in the glamor department of any wedding. Here too, you have certain restrictions to follow. Wearing cream or light beige that matches your daughter’s dress is a strict no-no. She is the star of the day and nobody should take the spotlight away from her. While the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses is not advisable as they too should stand out in the rituals, you can choose a color that is a shade lighter or darker for greater harmony. This will very well help to identify the bridal party. Ask your daughter to provide a sample of the fabric – you can then select the color perfectly.  

Be Aware of the Wedding Style

This is another aspect that you should touch upon when talking to your daughter. Ensure that you understand the aesthetics and the planned designed elements of the venue and the dresses worn by others so that you do not feel left out of the celebrations. If you are searching for mother of the bride dresseson the web, apply filters as otherwise, the results might throw up traditional matronly dresses and gowns only. Instead, direct the research towards areas that you think will flatter your best features while getting the color, level of formality, and cut that you are looking for. 

Consider the Season

The dress for a summer wedding and a winter one will not be the same. While it is alright to wear strapless off-shoulder mother of the bride dressesin spring and summer, the same will not do in fall and winter even if the venue is a heated church. In such a case, you can either opt for something warmer like heavy brocade or knitwear or even the strapless gown but then, have a matching bolero jacket or a shawl draped around your shoulders. 

Follow these tips and you will look chic, sophisticated, glamorous, and fabulous. As the mother of the bride, you are no less a star and you deserve to look your best. There is only one benchmark to follow – do not upstage the bride.  

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