Best Motorcycle Strobe Lights for Your Bike — How to Get Them and Where


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Motorcycle strobe lights play an integral role in emergency situations, which makes them an essential piece of safety equipment for police officers and other first responders. If you’re looking to refurbish your ride with a new pair of strobes, stick around — we have a short but comprehensive guide on how to pick the best product!

What to Look For

If you’ve looked around, you’ve probably realized that there’s a huge variety of bike lights available. While that might be overwhelming at first, things get much easier once you figure out what it is that you actually need from the product. 

For example, if you’re looking for something that will serve you well in general public use, you don’t need the most heavy-duty lighting solution you’re likely to see on police or military motorcycles. Also, there’s a good chance that a huge chunk of lights won’t be a viable option due to local rules and regulations that limit what you can mount on our vehicles.

So, what should you look for specifically once you’ve narrowed down your choices? In short, you want something that will make your ride stand out and enhance its visibility. To find the ideal product, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much space do I have left for installing lights?
  2. Do I need lights for more than one motorcycle?
  3. What kind of environment am I going to use them in?

1. Space

Not all bikes are the same. Some are massive and have a lot of free space for you to play around with and riddle with lights. Others are smaller and won’t accommodate large strobes. When you figure out how much room there is for your new lights, you’ll be able to narrow your choices down even further.

2. How Many Bikes

Are you equipping one ride or a whole fleet? This is an important question because you’ll have to adjust your budget if you need to buy a whole ton of lights. If you need just one pair, you likely won’t have to cut on any expenses, and ideally, you’ll be able to get something that feels and performs like a premium product.

3. The Environment

Are you a nighttime rider? Do you live in a cold area with lots of rain and snow? Are you in a desert region? These are crucial factors to consider before settling for anything. Your environment and line of work will determine the color, size, and power of your lights, which, again, narrows down your choices.

Options for Motorcycle Lighting

Some of the most common motorcycle lighting options include:

  • Hideaway lights;
  • Surface-mount lights;
  • License plate bracket lights;
  • Pod lights.

Hideaway Lights

Hideaway strobes are a discreet lighting solution for those looking to stay on the down low until it’s for action. These lights are inconspicuous, and thanks to their size, you can install them wherever you want. If you’re a police officer or an emergency responder, these lights will prove useful when you’re off duty but are expecting a call or if you’re working undercover.

Surface-Mount Lights

Surface-mount lights are a versatile solution. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they are fantastic in pretty much any role, be it safety or aesthetics. These lights can be mounted anywhere on the surface of your bike, such as fairings and fenders.

License Plate Bracket Lights

You must’ve noticed that license plate brackets come with a bunch of holes. Well, these holes make installing lights a breeze. There are bracket lights you can pretty much snap on without the need for any tools, which is terrific if you’re looking for a quick solution in a pinch.

Pod Lights

Pod strobes are tiny, round lights, but despite their compact size, they really pack a punch. They are also easy to install pretty much anywhere on your ride, and they’re easy to remove, too. You can basically put them up and change them even when you’re not in your garage, so they’re a good choice if you like to mix things up on the road.

What About Internal Lights?

We’ve only mentioned external solutions, but there’s another option: internal mounting. What is better? That will depend on your preferences. Some like the freedom to mount and remove their lights quickly, but others find it better to keep external equipment to a minimum. 

What are internal lights, though? In short, they are lights installed within the interior of your ride, usually being integrated within the headlight. That means they won’t be visible when you’re not using them, but when you do turn them on, they will illuminate everything in front of you, grabbing everyone’s attention and making sure you’re visible even from great distances.

Just like their external counterparts, internal lights come in a variety of types, and they have tons of adjustable features that will let you control the flashing pattern, its speed, etc.

Where to Buy Them

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you need your emergency strobe lights to be reliable and effective, but you can’t get that unless you buy them from a vendor you can trust. Luckily, there’s SpeedTech Lights.

SpeedTech Lights sells only top-of-the-line lighting solutions designed to make your ride safe and dashing. The company prioritizes quality and durability, and it sources all components from trusted manufacturers who rely on the latest technology and rigorous testing to ensure your lights meet the highest standards of safety in all sorts of weather conditions and climates.

The SpeedTech Lights team consists of professionals with tons of knowledge, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions in regard to mounting and installation or just need advice on how to pick the best possible option for your specific needs. 

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