Best Glucometers In India To Buy in 2018 – Buyers Guide


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Do you know what is worst thing in diabetes ?
Going Every week for checkup of sugar level, and pay excess amount of fee. But it is important to check your your blood sugar level to maintain your health.
So, what is the solution for this ?
Glucometers !!
Yes, Glucometers is device which help you to check your Sugar level in your body. You can check your sugar level in your blood within a minute using this calculator. This type of Review post help to buy best product in india.
So today i am going to share top 3 Best Glucometers In India which you can use:

Best Glucometers In India 2018

1.Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

This is simplest machine which i find on internet to calculate your blood sugar level. It comes with 2 button and one simple screen. Anyone can use this to check sugar level. The kit come with one Buyers guide which show how to Calculate your sugar level in simple steps.
You can also Check amazon where you will find all buyers guide related information on selling page.
The machine weight is around 259 grams and it uses 1 lithium metal battery.
The best part about this machine is it comes with 10 free strips. Also you don’t have to do any code to check sugar level.

2. OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

The another glucometer in this list is 2. OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer machine which is cheapest and best Glucometer available in market.
The Glucometer has Light and color indication to show your blood sugar level, which is good. With this feature you can instantly check and understand your sugar level.
The gulatometer you blinking arrow and beep sound for showing fast result. For example if your sugar level is 180 and 239 mg/dL than it will show single arrow with one beep. You can read buyers guide come with Original packet to Learn more
The weight of machine is around 268 grams. And it also gives you 10 free strips.

3. Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Monitoring System

I have added this Glucometer just because many customer rated this product 4 start, and they are fully satisfied with this product. It is compliant with ISO and it is certified by many doctors over the world.
Just Like previous one, this Glucometer also has Color indication for sugar level. It has high memory capacity with one lithium battery. The weight of machine is around 499 Grams. You can also connect this device with online portal via USB for more accurate result.

Some of the key features are:
⦁ Come with 10 free strips
⦁ Large screen for indication
⦁ Color indication
⦁ Online checkup
⦁ USB connectivity
⦁ High memory storage

So this are my 3 best Glucometer in india. I hope you liked this post. If you have any question then let us know in comment box, we will try to solve your problem.
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