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Apple has always done it’s best in both the markets like mac as well as in iPhones. Apple has recently launched one of the most exciting Mac operating systems, Mojave. macOS Mojave has very interesting features and capabilities which make it unique from all other models of macOS. macOS Mojave vs Windows both are excellent and multiple monitor support.

The new features that are introduced in macOS Mojave are more interesting and useful as compared to other operating systems. These features have been appreciated by Apple users on every forum like by CS Universities and all technical departments and even on the internet.

If you really want to enjoy all these features and this exciting operating system you must have to install macOS Mojave. This operating system is better than all others because of its new features and extraordinary capabilities that have been presented by people in it that’s why most of the people are getting this and installing it very fast and adapting and enjoying new features of Mac OS Mojave.

1) Dark Mode

Dark mode is one of the eye-catching features of this operating system which makes people more and more come towards it. Hot movies make all the interface elements white light very low and grey light and it makes themes towards dark. It is a very useful feature for those who work especially at night. Users have two options that they can work on general system preferences and normal mode for working or any of the use but in this operating system, they have a grade option and feature of dark mode which will help them to work easily in relax mode with dull and low light with grey shades on all icons which make their eyes relax and can work for more hours. Uses of two options idea to work in general or in light-dark mode.

If you are going to install Mac OS Mojave you will definitely enjoy dark mode and I will suggest you to try it so that you can feel the light tone of colours and relax mode to your eyes which makes your working condition better.

2) Desktop Stacks

If your desktop is well managed and all the files are properly sorted then the user loves to work more and more but as we have seen many users have your files all messed up all over the desktop.

This will help the user to clean the desktop and make it look better than before in desktop stacks. You can easily sort the files that are present on the desktop by enabling the file type in the stack.

3) Finder Quick Actions

The users always want some quick options for shortcuts that make them feel relaxed and save their time. Finder quick actions enables you to work really quick like if you want to join many files together or want to convert any file into any other format like converting images into PDF rotating a picture this all actions can easily be performed with the help of finder.

Find there is a great feature on Mac which helps you in very small tasks and you will not anymore need a preview app for simple tasks that you want to perform. Quick actions can easily be seen with the help of preview pane in finder just you have to right-click on its menu and you will easily find all the actions in the finder preview pane.

4) Find a Preview Panel Shows Metadata

Finder preview panel has been updated in Mac OS with more additional features that are quite awesome and it also includes features regarding metadata images and other metadata files.

In this updated version of preview panel, they have given you a gallery view and column view of preview panel in which you have just to click on the image or file and it will give you all the available preview options.

But if due to some reasons preview is not available or visible to you then you have to go on to the menu and select show preview after selecting it you will see that the preview of the certain image of the file that you have chosen before is now easily available to you and visible to you.

5) Quick Look Markup

A quick look is one of the best feature tools in Mac and it has been in Mac for a long time you can see it available just on the top of the quick look window it is built in the market tool of Mac OS.

Markup makes your life easier and helps you in adding text very quickly even if you want to add shape, crop signatures highlight or even image adjustment quick look will help you to do this all in a very quick moment.

6) Continuity Camera Captures from iOS to Mac

The most amazing thing is that if you are an Apple user and you are also having a Mac operating system it is a very good feature for you when a person takes a picture from the camera of his iPhone. And he wants to transfer that photo to the Mac so he has to go through a procedure. But with this option, the life is very easy again when you are capturing photos from your iPhone that photos are continuously transferring to the Macbook and you can also so easily import scan documents from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac just with the help of this smart feature and your image processing and scan documents can continuously be transferred from iOS to Mac.

7) Privacy Control

Everybody wants to secure their privacy from other people. None of you want others to know about your Mic, camera or other data like photos and location without your permission. In Mac OS Mojave the things are quite easier than before this operating system handles your privacy with responsibility and performs all safeguards to protect your data.

For activating new privacy control on your MacBook first you will go to system preferences then click on security and privacy here you can see privacy and control about all applications on your Mac.

8) Screenshot Tools and Keystroke

In Mac, you always know that if you want to take a screenshot you just have to press command + shift + 3. Aur command + shift + 4 if you want it a single-window screenshot. In Mac OS Mojave the trick is the same but in this operating system, you will see a new keyboard shortcut which gives you the option to take full range or partial or you just want to capture Windows or even screen recording tools. This feature is one of the best and popular option office operating systems which is very much liked by the audience.

Just hit command + shift + 5 to take a new screenshot tool in Mac OS Mojave. And this will give you screen recording and capturing. Screenshot is never this much easier on Mac before.


macOS Mojave is one of the finest operating systems currently in Apple MacBooks. This operating system has been launched by Apple with very best features and applications installed in it. In this operating system, there are many good options and features presented one of them is the dark mode which is very popular in the market because most people use laptops in their bedrooms at night for office work but the normal brightness and light of the device makes their eyes weak and also doesn’t give relaxation mode. In dark mode, they can easily use a laptop with very low light and grey effect. You can also enjoy recorded screenshots. Benefits of the privacy control of this operating system is awesome. It gives you complete relaxation and safeguards your data in your device because nobody wants their data to be used without their permission. In this article, we have discussed almost eight features of Mac OS Mojave. Operating system becomes very well known and has been installed by many of the Apple users.

There are many other features like quick finder which help the user in many aspects. The operating system is one of the most important parts of the device because if the device is the body the operating system is the soul of that and if your operating system is very good that means your device life will extend and you can enjoy the real features of the device as well as your operating system. Now, most of the Apple users are using Mac OS Mojave India devices and enjoying its best features in the device and if you go through the internet and see the feedback and response best of the Apple users they are superb for Mojave. This operating system of Apple has given its user very new options and features that have been missing in the operating system that has been launched before. I hope this article will help you to gain knowledge about Mac OS Mojave. And all the features that have been discussed in this article may not be complete and there are more features of this operating system that you will find in many other articles.

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