The Benefits of an Organic Mattress


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When choosing a mattress there is a myriad of options to consider. From size, style and materials, it’s important you review every style to find the right mattress match for you. Today we’re focusing on the organic mattress, a relatively new style that has gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason!

To investigate we spoke to the experts at Snoozel Green who offer fully organic and natural mattress options in the UK. Here they discuss the benefits of choosing an organic mattress, how it can help improve your sleep and overall health, ensuring you can achieve a great night’s sleep, every night.

Why choose an Organic Mattress with Snoozel Green?

When we found Snoozel Green in 2018 we set out on a mission to create a high-quality natural mattress that is genuinely health-focused, eco-conscious, and socially responsible. For us, that meant using completely natural, organic materials and processes, from start to finish. After in-depth research we decided this was the only way to, here are the key elements that make an organic mattress an important choice for us…

1. They are Non-toxic

A completely organic mattress avoids any toxic chemicals from both the materials and the production process. This includes any nasty additives from the farming process, right through to the glues used to combine the layers of the mattress. It is important to avoid these chemicals in general, due to their persistent hormone-disrupting substances that destroy ecosystems and biodiversity on an international scale. The natural approach significantly reduces your exposure to chemical off-gassing, whilst promoting healthier indoor air quality, which can protect your overall health. This also includes avoiding the use of any bleach and pesticides, an important one to note as many mattresses may include them in their material dying and material farming process. Our mattress substitutes regular chemical adhesives for water-based glue to hold the layers in position. We find this equally as effective, if not better.

To ensure your mattress materials are completely organic look for the Global Organic Textiles Standard label, this requires that all dyes are assessed to their strict criteria and approved prior to usage.

2. They Provide Natural Antibacterial Properties 

The combination of natural and organic materials provides an un-altered surface for sleep. This harnesses the natural sweat-wicking properties of cotton and the quality thermoregulating properties of wool. Both of these are extremely effective at absorbing and desorbing moisture, depending on what the current conditions need from summer to winter. This creates a dry environment within your mattress, stopping any growth of bacteria, molds, dust mites, and microbes that can make your bed their home. We have more on why this can be an issue here.

3. They are Great for Sensitive Sleepers and Allergies

If you suffer from asthma, or any other allergies it is highly important you are aware of what your mattress is made of and ensure that it won’t cause any future discomfort. When you sleep you want undisturbed rest and not to wake up with running eyes or itchy skin! For allergies, we highly recommend avoiding synthetic materials and toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process of your mattress. These can be breathed in or absorbed by your skin, We can guarantee you will keep your allergies at bay with a fully organic mattress. In Snoozel Green mattresses we use 100% natural latex, organic wool, and cotton. Allowing you to breathe and rest well, irritant-free! 
To find out more about what Snoozel Green has to offer visit them here and discover a natural organic mattress that is right for you.

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