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The capacity of a battery is illustrated in Ampere hour. These points to the amount of power that a battery can supply for a set duration. Say for example if the capacity of a battery is 100 Ah, it means that the battery could supply Ampere current for a single hour.

Which is the type of automotive batteries suitable for inverters?

The lead acid batteries that are put to use for automotive batteries are high cycle batteries. For a short duration, these batteries provide a high source of power in order to power the vehicles. An inverter battery online shopping can provide you with valuable inputs on the same. They are not designed to operate more than 25 % of their intended capacity. The scenario is that inverters are known to require deep cycle batteries to keep it in power mode that discharges around 50 % of their expected capacity. There are some deep cycle batteries that can operate up to 80 % of their capacity. They are incorporated with thick plates so as to withstand frequent charging and even discharging.

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Free batteries that do not require maintenance

With lead acid batteries you would need regular maintenance. The electrolyte level needs to be checked and even topped up at regular intervals. These batteries are known to release poisonous gases during the charging and even discharging procedures. If the batteries are not kept in a properly ventilated space it could lead to serious health problems. The batteries have to kept corrosion free by application of grease or petroleum jelly. With maintenance free batteries there is no need for any top-ups or additional form of ventilation

The disadvantages

  • As compared to the normal lead batteries the cost of maintenance free batteries are on the higher side
  • In relation to the life of a maintenance-free battery, it is on the lower side. In case if a normal lead battery serves you for 3 years, from a maintenance free battery you can expect around 2 years at the most.
  • Scrap value is another point. You are not going to avail much scrap value from a maintenance-free battery.
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If you are hard pressed for time and work on the philosophy of fit and forget module then maintenance free batteries are the right one for your needs. In most cases, these batteries are being put to use in homes where people do not have sufficient knowledge about battery operations. During such situations maintenance free batteries work out to be an apt choice.

Tubular batteries

To buy luminous battery this type of batteries draws a lot of attention. In comparison to the flat-sized batteries, these ones have a lot of benefits. A more complex design might shoot up the costs, but power and electrical efficiency ensure that they are suitable for domestic and industrial purposes. A properly maintained tubular battery can serve you for around 8 years. At the same time, the cost of tubular battery almost shoots up to the double as with standard batteries.

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