6 Amazing Vacations for Seniors With Limited Mobility


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Do we move with age, or does age move us at all? The wanderlust bug bites all, and therefore it is somewhat unfair to pit traveling only on the younger generation. All of you want to take in new sites, visit places, and explore more unique cultures at some point or the other. In such a scenario, age is just another number. 

So what if you’re old and your mobility is challenged? The popular perception of associating traveling to legs is somewhat skewed and not true at all. Travel is not only possible but also enjoyable, even if you face challenges. The only essential prerequisite is preparedness and thorough research.

Is traveling only for the young? Contrary to what you might think, a considerable number of senior citizens prefer a post-retirement life of tours and travels. Research has shown that it is the highest aspiration in people above the age of 50 years. Apart from the usual social media benefits, there is also the added incentive of a happier mind and a healthier heart. All you need is to visit one of these destinations with the foldable scooter and dispel all the preconceived notions.

1. Castaway Cay, Bahamas

Have you imagined the Disney Castles and the Mickey Mouse joyrides as a child? Then this is an excellent chance to relive the childhood dream and act all Goofy! Castaway Cay is Disney’s private island for the members of its cruise to the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Besides the obvious benefits of the cruise for the senior citizens and elderly, guests have the accessibility to book the stateroom. These 32-inch wide doorways and ramped bathrooms are amongst the many features available to people with mobility issues. 

When the Disney Cruise Line docks at the Castaway Cay, you will find the paved pathways, sand wheelchairs to facilitate the guests with mobility issues. Additional issues include disability-friendly washrooms and trams equipped with wheelchair boarding facilities.

Amazing Vacations for Seniors
Image Source: Pixabay

2. San Diego

San Diego is a ‘must-see’ on your bucket list with temperate climate and miles and miles of beautiful beaches. It is one of the most idyllic vacation spots for visitors all year round, especially for retirees and those with mobility issues. 

There are multiple benefits such as free beach wheelchairs and wheelchair-friendly restrooms, making the trip exceedingly enjoyable. Visitors must make reservations on a 24-hour notice in advance to make sure that the facilities are hassle-free. Besides the 70 miles of beaches, there are many other attractions. Visitors can head to the Balboa Theatre or the San Diego Civic Theatre for an exciting night out. 

Both the theatres offer wheelchair-accessible seating and restrooms. Other sites, such as Old Town Trolley, offer vehicles with lifts. They have designated spaces to accommodate two wheelchairs per lift.

Amazing Vacations Destination for Seniors
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3. Miami Beaches

Suppose sun and sand is your ideal description for a perfect unwinding and relaxing vacation, head over to the white sandy beaches of Miami. Apart from being the foremost travel destination, it is also known to accommodate the disabled and the elderly. Seniors with limited mobility can utilize the city’s many features to have the time of their lives. Amongst the many handicap accessible hotels, The Royal Palm is one of the central locations.

Many of these top hotels and accommodations house features such as roll-in showers and adults-only pools. These pools are equipped with special devices to help the entry and exit of the disabled.

Miami Beaches - Best destination for Seniors
Image Source: Pixabay

4. London, United Kingdom

Some of the tip travel sites show from popular surveys that most Americans’ top destinations are Europe. However, when we think of European travel, we think of pedestrian cobbled pathways and narrow back-alleyways. 

London, one of the most exclusive European travel destinations, is also one of the most handicap-friendly ones. The public transportation of the city is wheelchair accessible. Most Tube stations, Overground stations, and tram stops are equipped with step-free access to help people with mobility issues. 

5. Las Vegas, Nevada (US)

If you think that Sin City is for Bachelor Parties only, think again. The city is exceptionally suitable for senior citizens who face issues with movement and walking. It is perhaps the United States’ most disability-friendly city. Las Vegas has numerous accessibility features from Casinos to shows and hotels, built-in seats, and tubs with portable seats in most hotel rooms. 

Hotel Pools have lifts to help you, and even getting around the city in cabs is excellent. This is because Vegas cabs have lift-equipped vans for wheelchairs. What is even more reassuring is that the city is compliant with the American Disabilities Act.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular and the most beautiful travel destinations for anyone. What makes it even more impressive is the special tours for seniors with disability issues. The tours include wheelchair-accessible features and amenities and also assisted living. 

Many tourist spots on the island are more than equipped with step-free ramps and wheelchair accessible features. Beaches, too, have special provisions for the disabled to sip their Hawaiian Punch and say Aloha to nature and its beauty.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the six destinations where seniors with limited mobility can travel and have fun. You will also find many tours and travels that provide such features along with many senior citizens and disability-friendly destinations. The key is to identify and research the amenities at the vacation spots and decide accordingly.

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