6 Tips To Start Afresh After A Painful Breakup


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A breakup can be an intensely painful experience as it can drain you physically and emotionally. Life can change suddenly when someone special suddenly becomes nobody. While negative emotions tend to dominate your heart and mind, you may even end up losing your self-esteem. But breakups are a part of life and there is hardly a person who may not have gone through one. The true strength lies in picking yourself up and moving on, rather than spiraling into an abyss of depression and sorrow. Here are a few tips that can help you to get over a painful breakup and start afresh.

1. Stop blaming yourself

The worst thing about breakups is that people tend to take the blame on themselves. But it happens because it has to happen. The truth is that partners decide to drift apart when they are no longer interested in investing in the relationship. Technically, both of them are responsible rather than one. The first step to deal with the situation is to stop blaming yourself and have a fresh perspective on the chain of events that has led to the end of the relationship.

2. Cut the cord completely

The most important rule of moving out of a breakup is to cut the cord completely. Make sure that you are not connected with the ex in any way- no text, no calls, and no emails. It is equally important to unfriend them on social media and delete their contact details everywhere so that you do not fall into a relationship trap. Get rid of photographs, gifts and anything that reminds you of them. Get them out of sight and you will be able to throw them out of mind as well.

3. Draw a self-care plan

A failed relationship is something that can hurt you for a long time; so this is the time to prioritize yourself. Prepare a self-care plan to purge all the negative emotions and become the best version of yourself. Go for a solo trip or indulge in an activity you enjoy. Take a break from relationships and enjoy a single status for some time before you revisit the dating scenario. Look after your body and mind with a fitness and meditation program that you can follow with ease and enjoy as well.

4. Explore psychic readings

When you go through a breakup, there will be a hundred questions on your mind. Why did this happen? Could I have done anything to change the course of my relationship? Finding the answers to these questions may not be possible logically but you can try a psychic reading to unlock them and be at peace. A love tarot reading from Psychic2Tarot.com can help you get an in-depth insight into the failed relationship and establish a path to healing as well.

5. Set a time limit for recovery

You will require time for recovering from the sorrow of lost love, but remember that this is not the end of the road. These experiences make you stronger and give you the potential to bounce back. Setting a time limit for recovery is the best approach to rewire your brain for being open to the idea of being in love again. Take it slow but do have a closing date for the mourning period. Remember that no one is indispensable and life is too big to waste it for self-pity after a failed relationship.

6. Create non-negotiable rules for your next relationship

Going into a new relationship after a breakup can be a daunting experience, after the entire trauma you may have gone through. Have a list of non-negotiable rules for the next relationship, right from the kind of person you want to be with to the pace at which you want the relationship to proceed. A breakup definitely makes you a stronger and wiser person so that you can set clear expectations in relationships. Put this wisdom into action and have a solid stance for creating something honest and lasting this time.

Whether a relationship will last and grow or have a painful ending is all about destiny. What really matters is to give your best while you are in it. At the same time, it is important to learn that breakups are a part of life’s journey and you may have to bear one even if you have a rock-solid bond with your partner. Remember that life moves on and the best approach to dealing with failures is to go with the flow, take your time to heal and move on.

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