6 Industries That Can Benefit From QuickBooks Enterprise


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Developed by Intuit, QuickBooks Enterprise, is accounting software for a tax/accounting industry, for growing businesses as well as for nonprofit organizations. It is the most powerful, flexible, and unique solution for many industries in the accounting world, designed to meet different accounting business needs.

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QuickBooks Enterprise is packed with advanced features and functionalities to manage the accounting task such as payables, payroll, advanced inventory tracking, customizable reports for the business insights, and many more. Also, it has a great user-interface and navigational scheme that can be easily handled by the non-accountant person.QuickBooks Enterprise offers various industry-specific functionality that helps different companies to meet the demands of their accounting tasks. It is known for its comprehensive features that are tailored and put into your business needs, whether you are a large company, small businesses, CPAs, accounting professionals, or a non-accountant person.

Well, every industry is unique; let’s see different industries that can get benefits from the QuickBooks Enterprise Software.

1.      Manufacturing and Wholesale

The manufacturing and wholesale industries are not just growing but also evolving with time. To keep business up and running, they need every single detail, from sales reporting to the inventory needs and beyond it too.

The manufacturing and wholesale industry are vast, and every update is crucial in terms of business. Wholesalers and manufacturers are both involved in running their business and the critical task to manage it to accomplish their requirements worksheet that includes many data such as amount, date, item number, invoice state, and many more.

QuickBooks Enterprise plays a major role here and can help you a lot in this business, whether you are in online business or traditional brick and mortar stores. It offers you comfortable and detailed management for your sales reporting.

This software tracks the complete order process of all the stages, and you will be able to track it on a single screen.

2.      Professional Services

Professionals businesses include many services such as medical firms, marketing agencies, design companies, and legal firms. All these industries require the tool for the proposals and billing for their firms. All these industries work in different stages, but at last, they have to manage the accounts part also.

QuickBooks Enterprise software helps to maintain the complete cycle of the logs, mileage and bill exchanges, and all the other information on the screen.

QuickBooks Enterprise has many features, and you can also check the detailed invoices and can customize it as well. This tool also offers the sales report data between the proposed project and billed project and keep everything organized and detailed so that anyone can easily understand the details.

All the types of service providers can find it useful for their industry and businesses.

3.      Contractors

QuickBooks Enterprise also has the best edition for the contractors, and this industry runs heavy projects that are having an advanced cost. Contractors’ business needs most of the time in the field, and on the other, they also have to manage the work orders, tracking inventory, invoicing, and accepting payments.

QuickBooks Enterprise handles the complete job costing of the contractors from the highest to least and which jobs are open, in running status, and completed. It offers an advanced feature to manage all the stages of finance, contractual business, and also an option to check the flow of cost of each project.

QuickBooks Enterprise offers flexible billing rates, and improved invoicing system for all the small and large projects, share all the details seamlessly. Using QuickBooks Enterprise for the contractual business will be a great help to manage their task

4.      Retail

QuickBooks Enterprise would be a great choice for retail business. Working in the retail industry requires the details of everything, from inventory data to the sales reporting, and in this era, maintaining a traditional method will not work out.

To fulfill the sales order, you need the complete glance of the sheet that includes the job, sales order, and amount to fulfill to make the organization up all the time.

QuickBooks Enterprise is for an online retailer and keeps all the operations of retail always streamlined. For easier tracking of all the orders, you can also integrate with QuickBooks POS; this version will surely not disappoint you. This tool has features to customize and automate the pricing, also set advanced price rules like a quantity discount, schedule promotion, and manage it with high flexibility.

5.      Accountants

QuickBooks Enterprise has an edition that is solely focussed on accountants. Accounting is a vast industry, and this QuickBooks version is the best fit for both accounting firms and professionals, whether the firm deals with a single business or having multiple businesses across the world.

QuickBooks Accountants Edition has specialized tools and features that accountants can easily set their organization preferences and requirements. They can easily manage their trail balance sheet, which helps in managing their ledger accounts as well as all the other operation just from a single section of the software.

This software also manages to review your client data with the year-end process, and you can easily manage invoices, liabilities, merge vendors, and more. It has features of managing complex accounting and comes with the great security as you can put a password on books and only share with the people of preferences to make it closed, protected, and organized.

6.      Nonprofit

QuickBooks Enterprise also allows the nonprofit organization to save time and money. It is designed with special features and functionality that is useful for nonprofits to prepare the reports. Many forms are convenient for organizing and maintaining it on paper would be difficult, but QuickBooks edition for Nonprofit will make it easily accessible on fingertips when required.

QuickBooks Enterprise helps you to manage and organize the pledge easily. You can easily design an invoice and set the amount, tax, and even a pledge description itself. Donations category can be easily created and also maintain a record of donations made with the cheque, credit/debit cards, and including cash.


QuickBooks Enterprise serves as a backbone for many industries in their accounting needs as it has industry-focused features and functionality. Whenever you seek for accounting needs, make sure to buy QuickBooks Enterprise editions that best suit your industry so that you can use the maximum benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise Software.

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