5 Travel Tips from An Experienced Traveler


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It is that time of the year when you start planning for your next vacation trip. With holiday season just about to begin, it is the best time to travel but there are many challenges you need to familiar with and cope with to enjoy your trip fully. I have learned many lessons hard way while travelling so I don’t want others to suffer the same fate, which is why I am sharing effective travel tips that I learned after years of traveling.

Travel Light

“Excess baggage is a symptom of something we are missing on the inside – a fear that we won’t be accepted for what we are, as if our selves are not enough. We bring too much of our past experience, the clutter of our emotions. These things get in the way and keep us from getting close to others. Then we are left with the task of having to find someone else to carry it, whether it is our luggage or our loneliness.”-Mary Morris

One of the biggest mistake travelers make is that they go overboard when it comes to luggage. That is why they end up paying much more than they should. Secondly, it subject to many hassles. Checking different bags can take some time and could cost you more. It is highly recommended that you go light on luggage and carry things you desperately need. Carrying more luggage can also increase the chances of losing it, which can subject you to the mental trauma and ruin your complete travel tour. Don’t look like a travel beast by carrying tons of luggage. Instead, pack your luggage like casual travelers.

Cash is King

Imagine visiting Dubai with no cash. Whether you are on a tight budget or have a lot of money to burn, you can either choose yacht rental Dubai or choose from wide range of yacht charter Dubai services to charter a yacht in Dubai. Irrespective of which one of these options you choose, you should have cash ready. Instead of exchanging local currency before flying to your next holiday destination, it is better to stop at an ATM and take some cash with you. Always remember that a large financial institution will always offer you a much better exchange rate than an individual can secure.

Food in the Air

If you are flexible with eating then it will serve you well especially when it comes to airline food as most airlines would serve customers who are ready to eat anything than those who are more demanding and picky about what they eat. Other passengers might give you some strange looks but don’t worry about that. If you have a kid with you, you can also request for a children’s as most airlines these days offer that too. Make sure you child is happy to have the kids meal as some child don’t agree to it and throws a tantrum. If that happens, this move will backfire.

Protect Your Documentations

Just like with your data, you should always keep a backup of your sensitive documents. The best way to do that is to scan all the travel documents and keep the copies with you in a USB. Remember to keep it away from passport and avoid keeping them in the same pocket or bag so if one is lost other one will still be with you. All this comes in handy in case you lose some or all of your travel documents. You can also save a copy of these scanned documents on your smartphone. The more places you save a copy of these documents the better it is so if few of them get lost, you can still have your travel documents with you.

Stay Connected

Travelling to a new country does not mean that you should lose sight of your friends and family back home. Try to stay in touch with them. Thanks to the mobile internet and smartphone, now can easily communicate with your loved ones who are located thousands of miles away even when you are on the go. Flights do get delayed so if you stay in touch with your loved ones, you can inform them about it and save them from spending hours waiting at the airport just to receive you. You can also consider purchasing a local sim of a country you are traveling to when you land there to communicate with your loved ones.

Which is the best travel tip you received from an experienced traveler? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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