5 Countries Most Likely To Start World War 3


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1st and 2nd world war made incredible destruction on earth. And this made nations not to repeat that champion blunder again. In the present world, the struggle to develop and desire for power is at its peak.

When we take a look at the unsafe bombs and weapons of mass destruction organized by some countries, it is quite fear-provoking. Taking a look on the rising tensions b/w some big countries it can be assumed that something might break out at any time, and the result would send back mankind to the stone-age.

As Albert Einstein once said predicting this fact! “I can’t tell what weapons the World War 3 would be fought with, however, one thing that I can say is that the World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

We think these are the 5 countries which are most likely to start a world war 3.

  1. Israel

Israel has a great position in the Middle East which brings her to this position. History is filled with many deadly wars between Muslims and Jews which involved too much massacre. And again there are chances of a war between both nations due to this historical conflict.

  1. China

All the nations of the world are stunned by the fast progress of China in a short time period. China keeps mushrooming its economy by denigrating the western industries; therefore some political rigidity has been created with powerful economies. There is a high chance that his rigidity may lead to a war.

  1. Syria

Syria is the most unlucky country on earth. Involvement of different countries has deteriorated the peace of Syria. The Civil war lasted there for 4 years. Iran and Russia support the Assad regime while Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France and America support the opposition party. ISIS is the third cantankerous.  There is a high chance of WW3 on this issue.

  1. Russia

Russia is the former Super Power and still a strong nuclear State. The president is valued and supported by the people. He is also famous for some disreputable decisions. Some sagacious people argue that many, if not all, of his contentious assessments, may lead to WW3.

  1. Pakistan

Pakistan is effected with terrorism and extremism, which has endangered its nuclear assets. It is disreputable for both becoming an atomic power by avant-garde means plus promoting its nuclear assets as not just a warning but a risk to his opponent countries – essentially India. An escalation in these circumstances might result in a fatal nuclear war.



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