5 Characteristics You Didn’t Know about Miniature Australian Shepherds


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We all are big fans of herding dogs. Their affectionate nature, caring attitude, and their never-ending energy makes them one of the best dog breeds to have.

Among this highly talented and hard-working breed is the breed of the Miniature Australian Shepherd. Now we all know that all herd dogs display the characteristics of love and care, but the question that begs to be asked is what makes miniature Australian shepherds different from other herd dogs.

Like all other herd dogs, it is common for the Miniature Australian shepherd to show love and affection to its owners. If you are looking for Stealin Blue Mini Australian Shepherds for sale, then you need to be aware of the four features mentioned below.

  • Way More Energetic

If you have the experience of owning a herding dog, you will know about the extreme levels of energy these guys have. The miniature Australian shepherds, however, are twice as energeticare twice as energetic. These cute little fur balls can give you a run for your money when left without a leash.

  • Smartest Dogs Out there

Dogs, if taken good care of, can be good at learning new tricks and playing around. Some dogs, however, are quicker at learning and picking up new skills. Then, there is the Miniature Australian Shepherd who can be a mini helper in your day-to-day activities.

If trained well, these dogs have the potential to repeat their routines daily. You can expect your Australian Shepherd to get the newspaper for you daily if you have given it the necessary training from a very young age.

  • Attention Seeking

Miniature Australian Shepherds can be attention seeking. The dogs can get irritated if they do not get the respect they deserve. Patting them when they do a good job and giving them a treat when they master a trick are some ways you can reward them for their actions.

On not receiving the required attention, the Miniature Australian Shepherds can become anxious and may try to do many things to get your respect. Now, this may sound cute when you hear, but it often puts owners in a very tricky and dangerous situation.

Imagine if your dog digs up your neighbor’s yard, this is the kind of situation miniature Australian Shepherds can get you involved in if they are not looked after.

  • Protective

The Miniature Australian Shepherd can be extremely protective, so much so that a friend visiting can become a life-threatening danger in the view of the dog. Don’t worry since the over-protection that the dog shows is its basic instinct.

However, you can help the dog channel this desire for protection in a better way by training it well and rewarding it for showing improvement.

  • Leader of the Pack

If not trained well and pampered around by its owners the Australian Miniature can start to develop the notion that it is the leader of the pack. Miniatures, although very cute and cuddly, can become extremely dangerous if they develop a high ego.

When a miniature starts thinking on the lines of leading the pack, it can become aggressive especially with kids around as it starts demanding the respect of all members.

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