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Do you want to scare away your website visitors? Would you like to lose all your hard earned money in the fastest way? Do I hear a resounding yes? Yeah, the best way to reach there is by not optimizing your website for mobiles. Sarcasm aside, I cannot stress how important Mobile Optimization is for your brand website is, that is if you want to actually start making money.

The way the internet is accessed has changed a lot. With more than 55% of the browsing being done on mobiles, we have to adapt as brands. You are not done if your site runs perfectly on the desktop. We have to come up with intuitive ways to mold your entire experience to smaller portrait screen on mobile phones. Today’s audience is always on the move. Most of the shopping is done on mobiles. So let’s find out the ways you can start evolving and get your site to retain its slick nature – whatever the platform you are accessing it on!

Finding out if it is Mobile Friendly

Before setting out on this marvelous journey, it is important to analyze your website to find out all the flaws it is ridden with. One of the best ways to do this with the help of Google. It’s even free, now you do not have an excuse for not trying this out. Go and visit the Webmaster Tool that Google offers and enter your URL. Click the below link to start it off:

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Just hit enter and let Google do the dirty for you. Once the analysis is done, you get either of the two results. The Page is either Mobile Friendly – Hooray for you! Or you get the dreaded ‘No your page is not mobile friendly’ message. But don’t let this ruin your day. This tool is quite cool as it tells you how you can fix these issues. This can range from the text being too small to read or not having a mobile viewport set. Let’s have a look at the ways you can actually start:

Small file sizes

Mobile networks, generally speaking, are slower than desktop connections. This is why you should invest time if compression of images and videos on your site. If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, people are going to quit and search for alternatives. This is how important your file sizes are now. It’s a one-shot goal if you compress your content. This means that you can get lower bounce rates AND attract a whole plethora of mobile shoppers.

Do not sacrifice your design and functionality for this though. This is the thin line you should learn to tread if you want to be the on top in your brand game. Find creative ways to fix up the design in such a way that it appeals to mobile users without making your site look too dull or static. If you are confused on how to get there, its okay. You can get the help of services like Adhuntt who specialize in innovative methods of mobile optimization. A team that is dedicated to this means that you will not have to bother about these quips and start concentrating on what matters – your brand.

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Easy To Scan Sites

I think the heading is quite self-explanatory. What’s the first thing you do when you visit a website? Do you open up a page and religiously read through every column like a book, or do you like every other normal person on the planet, scroll up and down like haphazardly taking it lil bits of information until you find something that interests you? You probably do what I and every other millennial does – the haphazard scrolling.

To attract such a distracted entitled bunch of audience, you should optimize your website with one goal – scrolling through should be an experience in itself. Well placed text, images and a tiny amount of slick animations can fix up your boring old website and open up new avenues for you.

Overall Visual Quality

One of the main differences between the desktop and mobile browsing experience is the screen size difference. With the advancement of small screen technologies, now we have phones capable of playing 4k videos seamlessly on their super retina displays.
Using carousels and sliders you can come up with innovative ways to fill up the phone screens with bubbling attractive content. Have a dynamic homepage that makes the user go way. You can do this by implementing little animations or use one of those template scripts of there on the internet that give you a solid interactive browsing experience.

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Final Words

Using text that mobile users can read from is your top priority. Functionality comes first – next comes design. Go ahead and check out all those big brand mobile websites out there. You can gain a lot of inspiration from your competition. Now think outside the box and try to use that inspiration to think of some sort of way to remodel it for your brand. Once you have a vision, the rest comes quite easily. Keep reading and researching on the topic of mobile optimization to get an idea of what you need to be doing to meet the expectations of the 2018 audience. You can check out my detailed blog on the topic in Adhuntt – or click here to read it now. Your website is that internet model of what your brand stands for. Make it count. Until next time, Ciao!

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