Worthwhile Tips to Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 001

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To activate your Roku streaming player, the first requirement is to link it to a Roku account. This account provides you the information like which devices you own and which channels you have installed along with the settings and preferences. To complete the activation process, you have to access roku.com/link web address on your computer and type the link code.

Quite easy? Well, it is!

But sometimes you may get an error while activating or linking your Roku streaming device. And this error doesn’t go away no matter what you do. Fortunately, we have found some effective workarounds to fix this issue and make the activation process a cinch. Let’s dig a little deeper.

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Before proceeding further, here’s some basic knowledge you need to know.

Roku error code 001 is also known as the activation code error. It happens when the code for Roku activation is not accepted by the Roku server. Generally, it is caused by a server-side issue or wrong code. No matter which is the case, we will explore them in brief and also discover a solution in this post.

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Reasons behind this Particular Error Code 001

The error can be appeared due to several reasons and some collective ones that we have experienced are:

  1. At the Point When the Client Enters a Wrong Code

– You may have missed or incorrectly spelled a digit or word in the link code.

– The code is case sensitive and thus may cause errors.

– The code you entered may have expired.

– Maybe you have entered the code into a wrong field.

  1. There is a Server-Side Issue

– The Roku server has timed out.

– Your internet connection is slow and unable to connect to the server.

  1. Setup Issues

– Perhaps you have not set up the Roku device carefully.

– If you want to activate the media player, use Roku no CC link rather than the typical URL.

  1. A Faulty Internet Connection

– An infringement in the connection because of another gadget’s utilization

– The internet connection is sluggish.

– If your internet connection is working properly, chances are your router is faulty.

So now you have a thought of what may cause the Roku error code during activation, you should also figure out how to overcome it.

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Fix Roku Error Code 001

Let’s have a quick look at the effective solutions according to the reason behind the issue.

Wrong Activation Code

  • First of all, note down the Roku link code with care.
  • Make sure to enter the correct URL i.e. roku.com/link.
  • While entering the code, check twice before submitting it.
  • Check if the capslock key on your computer or laptop is turned on or not.
  • Enter the code within a specific timeframe, otherwise, it can expire.
  • Produce another link code on your Roku by making use of the menu.

Server-Side Issue

  • Check your internet connection once.
  • Ensure that there is no purple screen Roku error on your device.

Defective Internet Connection

  • Roku error code 001 can be fixed by checking the network connection. For example, when it is a wired association, check the Ethernet or LAN link. Or else, check the router settings when it is remote association.
  • Furthermore, check the equivalent streaming gadget settings too.
  • Explore the settings first.
  • And after that, open the menu.
  • At long last, check the internet connection.
  • On the off chance that it’s not an issue on your side, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Also, make sure to perform Roku 3 micro SD install process in the case of low internal memory on your streaming device.
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If the router as well as the network connection are working fine, at that point go through the below-given steps:

  • Utilizing the DNS server, acquire the IP address of the site.
  • After opening an IP attachment, communicate utilizing an HTTP data stream.
  • Back through the attachment, check whether you get the information or not.
  • At that point, use this IP address to reconnect to the server.

So here ends our list of effective tips to troubleshoot Roku error code 001. The activation error code or 001 can show up on any sort of Roku device. And just by identifying the root causes, you can easily resolve the error. In case you can’t find the right reason, you can call us at any time at 1-844-748-9017 for the best solutions.

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