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The WordPress development company has provided a great platform for the business owners to develop their website in a complete manner very easily. The WordPress plugins add extra functionality to the website and make the working even great than earlier. There are plugins available for almost all the functions within the repository of WordPress. Today, we are going to have a look at some of the excellent plugins which can enhance the functionality of your website and help you attain your business goals.

  • Jetpack

Jetpack is a wonderful plugin developed by the WordPress development team.  It offers a number of awesome features for every website so that the business growth occurs at a rapid pace. It takes care of the site security, image optimization, website design and performance and also the traffic arrival on your website. It also helps to share the published content of the website to the third-party services such as the search engines so that maximum users arrive at the website. The creation of sitemaps by the plugin helps the search engines to easily index the website. The brute force attacks are prevented by this plugin too.

  • BJ Lazy Load

This plugin helps in achieving faster load time of the website. The users get irritated when the website takes a high time to get loaded and this results in high bounce rates. The post images, thumbnails, gravatar images and iframes are replaced with a placeholder by the plugin and it works really well. The plugin displays the images at that time only when the user scrolls the page. The bandwidth is saved and the site also loads faster. It works with embedded videos from YouTube and text widgets as well.

  • Yoast SEO

The great plugin developed by the PSD to WordPress Company for the SEO purpose is the Yoast SEO. In today’s digital market, it is very vital to gain higher page rank in the search engines so that more and more users are driven to the website. This plugin helps you in gaining a very high page rank by providing you tips for improving the content and creating such content which is useful to the users and SEO-friendly technically. It helps you in selecting the appropriate keyword for your articles. The page analysis feature checks that the keyword is used in the image alt tags, meta description, and the headings.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin provides a great help to the search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing to index the site with a special sitemap. When the plugin gets activated, an XML sitemap for the site will be automatically created. The search engine bots can now easily view the complete structure of the website with the sitemap and the results are retrieved more efficiently than before. One should definitely install such a useful plugin to enhance the traffic generation on the site and to get higher page ranks. All the major search engines are notified when any content is published on the site.

  • Everest Forms

This plugin is used to create the Contact page for your website. A contact page is definitely required for any type of website so that the audience is able to contact you. Beautiful contact forms can be easily created with this plugin by simply using the drag and drop interface of the plugin. There are general fields and advanced fields which can be easily dragged and dropped to create the forms. It is an incredible plugin, letting you create pages within seconds without any hard efforts.

  • Akismet

Another excellent WordPress plugin that comes with every new WordPress installation is the Akismet. The main purpose of this plugin is to check all the comments and to filter out the spam comments. The status history for each comment is provided so that one can have the idea of which comment was declared spam by the plugin. The number of approved comments for each user can also be viewed by the moderator or Akismet. The plugin is totally free for the personal websites. The advanced security solution is provided in the premium plans for the commercial sites.

  • WP Smush

The user attention is easily grabbed by the images that are posted on the website. Images are a much better way of attracting customers rather than plaintexts. But, the problem is that images take a high amount of storage space and slow down the speed of the website. WP Smush is a great plugin that helps you to solve this problem by compressing the images. And the good part is that the quality of the images won’t be affected while optimizing the various images of different file formats.

  • WP-Optimize

This plugin is a great tool for removing the unnecessary files from the database and making it clean. The process is automatic and manual queries are not required to clean the database. The database is kept optimized by the plugin always so that the site can perform at its best. All the spam comments, trash posts, and unapproved comments are automatically cleaned by the plugin. The useless data will be removed and it will keep the site to perform at its best eventually decreasing the load time of the site.

  • Redirection

Many a time it happens that the website is getting serviced and you need to change the links of the content but you forgot to redirect those links to some other page. This makes the users disappointed! The Redirection plugin is the right tool to pick up for this purpose. The plugin does its job when the URL of any post gets changed by automatically setting a 301 redirection. This plugin is highly useful when one is migrating from old website to a completely new website.

  • Broken Link Checker

As the name suggests, this plugin is used for checking the broken links of the website. The broken links create a very bad impression of the website when the users encounter them. This plugin will automatically monitor the website for broken links when installed within the site. All the posts, comments and content is checked by the plugin and instant notification is given to you when a broken link is found. The notification can be received through email or via WP dashboard. The plugin prevents the search engines and doesn’t allow them to follow the broken links too.

Thus, these were the 10 featured plugins developed by the WordPress development team which can help you in increasing the performance of the website to the next level.  

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