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Adding WooCommerce product variations in WooCommerce is a very simple process. So you can easily add product variation in Woocommerce by going through this whole tutorial. The product variation is basically described as different types of product or variation in woocommerce or it also provides a variation on that particular product. For Example, if we want to purchase jeans then it has several types or variations like in their size color etc. So it useful for the user as well as the seller that he can choose it by according to his size or color.

Adding a Product

Adding a product/service with variations for WooCommerce subscription is very simple. You can add products with WooCommerce and then configure the variables of the products. To add a product, navigate to your WordPress dashboard

  • Go to the products
  • Add new.

Title and description of the product

You can add product titles and descriptions for your product like you add to the normal WooCommerce products. Choose an intuitive name and add accurate details about the characteristics and details of your product.

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Select variable product

First of all, you must specify that the product you are adding will have variations. For selecting you have to select the subscription option from the drop-down list.

Addition of variable  Attributes

Under product data, there is an “attribute” tab where you can add variations for the products.

  • Now you have to select Custom Product Attribute from the dropdown and then click on Add button.
  • Add a name for your variation
  • Next, add values ​​for variations
  • Click Save attributes

Adding values ​​to each variation

As you do for a simple recurring product, you can add details for each and every product variation. You can navigate to the Variations tab and manage variations.

Choose variation and expand the segment that will allow you to manage the value, sales, and inventory for a particular product variation.

1) Adding a stock keeping unit

Through your online shop, if you using a specific name for every product that you want to sell. You can also specify that stock-keeping unit here.

2) Selection of product type

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You can choose whether or not your product is enabled or disabled here. You can also specify whether the product is downloadable or virtual (service). By allowing inventory, you can specify the number of items available with you.

3)Sign up fee and trial fee

You can set up sign up fees and free trial period for product variation from here. We have left fields for sign-up and free-trial blankets because tea is a physical product. You can use these areas for sign-up of software and other such services and for a free trial period.

4) Subscription value and length

Here, you have to specify the price of your subscription and their validity at their value. The duration of membership is the period for which the membership will be renewed.

5) Sale Price and Schedule

This is an optional setting. You can set sales prices and use these areas to set dates for starting and ending sales.

6)Stock Management

This will allow you to specify the inventory you have. The “Allow Backorder” option will let you define how you want the system to behave when a particular product is out of stock. When you choose “do not allow”, it will not strictly allow the user to buy the product if it is not in stock. You can also choose whether you want to inform the customer if the product is out of stock or back in stock. Then Allow word will have to show to visitors to subscribe to the product that allows them, even if it is out of stock.

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7) Dimensions of weight and product diversity

This is where you can be important in physical details about the product such as weight and dimensions.

8) Shipping Class and Tax Class

You can also select tax details along with shipping details for products using these areas. To add a new shipping class, you have to do:-

  • Go to the WooCommerce
  • Click on Settings
  • Then click on the Tax tab.

You can also manage shipping classes through WooCommerce setup settings. Navigate to

The WooCommerce>>Settings

Then click on the Shipping tab.

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