Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans at Jobs?

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With the rise of technological development, where it has benefited the industries and workplaces, it has impacted employment as well. In some places, it has created a difficult situation to create efficient labor markets in the mutual benefit of employees, workers, and overall workplaces. All of this began with the idea of machine learning, which focuses on enabling the machines to obtain knowledge and practices to improve their performance. This is how the machines got intelligent and became capable of performing human-like activities. Later on, the idea developed and reached to the point that machines could think or not. The concept of enabling a machine equivalent to the human’s capacity is called Artificial Intelligence.

How do Machines learn?

A machine is taught as if it is a child by feeding multiple data and algorithms to define an entire learning process instead of only specific methods and results. Yet, with its development of artificial intelligence, to a certain extent, it is gradually becoming the cause of unemployment for humans. To asses whether artificial intelligence will replace humans at jobs in the future or not, there are many factors to put light on. Firstly, artificial intelligence can possibly affect human jobs in two ways.  Displacement effect: the machines may directly replace workers from the tasks they previously performed. Productivity effect: with the overall effect of artificial intelligence and technological progress, the demand for labor can be increased.

Machine Learning

Job Transformation instead of Job Loss

When the sewing machine came into existence, it replaced many manual sewing workers, but it turned to stitch time-efficient and cost-effective. Where many sewers lost their jobs, many got better jobs like operating a sewing machine or some other work in industries. Artificial intelligence is not too different, though it replaces the opportunity but not entirely the job. This is not wrong that artificial intelligence will reduce many manual jobs and a few of those who require thinking. So, most probably, the nature of jobs might change with the rise of artificial intelligence. However, the largest change that might take place is job transformation rather than job loss.

The above-mentioned idea can be better understood with the example of the past evolution of agriculture and industries in the world. People were used to farming and earn their living, then later, advancement took place, and the nature of jobs got changed. However, it didn’t end the opportunities for employment for people. With the elimination of a few job categories, many others come about.

Artificial intelligence can prevent repetitive tasks in jobs. For example, a recruiter finds and sorts out people for vacant positions in the workplace. Artificial intelligence can reduce repetitive elements and handle searching for the right candidate according to their expertise and experiences. It frees up the person to spend too much time doing excessive repetitive works. It may help the recruiter to get engage in more important tasks like building better relations with top candidates and getting them into deserving positions. Artificial intelligence can thus replace humans in routine tasks, but it cannot replace humans from jobs completely.

How is AI Different between Human capabilities

Another important factor that contributes to establishing the fact that AI cannot replace human jobs is it is not smart enough to perform creative works. Machines can read so many books and extract all the symptoms and treatments of certain problems, but only a human can read the face instantly and know what to say. Thus, artificial intelligence lacks emotional intelligence. When you type in your smartphones, with the help of artificial intelligence, it gives you a suggestion to type the next word, but it simply cannot take over human intelligence.

You cannot completely rely on artificial intelligence to talk to a friend and understand, feel, and react appropriately like humans. Artificial intelligence can only do what it is once told and made learning, but it cannot respond in even a slightly different scenario that it has not learned. This means that artificial intelligence can make us more efficient and fast. It helps us earn the time back. We need to do creative work. It also supports humans to get time for reviewing our results and assessing the overall information.

More Job Opportunities with the Emergence of AI

With the emergence of artificial intelligence, there are new opportunities for people to work. There were no job opportunities named as social media managers around 20 years ago. With the advancement of technology and machine learning, there are now millions of new job opportunities for people on social media. With the help of AI, there is a better system for enabling effective and unbiased law enforcement. Similarly, more advancement will bring more jobs with it. Another downside of AI is that it cannot solve the basic healthcare issues. We cannot rely on artificial intelligence to perform surgeries and prescribe medicine. It is vital to have a human concern involved in the medical prescription. However, AI can help in making the procedures faster, eliminate complications, and eventually reduce the death rates but cannot entirely replace the need of a human.

AI in Jobs

Final Words

To precise, some job roles might get replaced, but it will also bring many new jobs. Moreover, the work that is done by humans can be improved and rewarding. Thus, AI will help us becoming superhuman and not replace humans. The rise of artificial intelligence might impact our economy and shift the types of jobs into an advanced version. However, it is a good idea to learn and understand more and more advanced technology to be aware and smart enough to deal with the upcoming trends in technology.  Since many Professional software development companies and institutions are putting efforts to spread useful information among nonprofessionals, getting aware of technological advancements is not very difficult these days. Reading tech related blogs and magazines also adds to technology-related awareness and updates.

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