Why Your Teeth Are Not White and What Should You Do


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Many people are concerned about why they have some type of yellow teeth or why their teeth are not bright and white. And even though most of us sometimes talk about this issue, not a lot of people try to fix the problem. 

In order to solve the problems and use practical advice to have white teeth, first, you have to realize and know some of the reasons why your teeth are not white. That is why here we will see what causes this issue and what are the possible ways to take it into consideration in order to achieve the desired freshness and whiteness in your mouth. So let’s get into it right away. 

The Three Main Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Not White

Before we jump into the three main reasons why your teeth are not as bright and white as you want to, first, it is valuable to mention that one of the reasons, of course, is the aging process. Age is most certainly a factor of not having white teeth, and tooth discoloration is connected with getting older. The main reason why it is affecting your white teeth is that as you age, the dental enamel becomes thinner and thinner, and this allows the dentin layer beneath the surface to show itself more. Since this dentin layer is predominantly yellow, it gives your teeth a more yellow appearance. So you can not argue with age, but the other three main reasons are something else. Let’s see what they are: 

Using Tobacco Products

Smoking cigarettes is one of the main reasons why you have yellow teeth, and the tar in them leaves a sort of brown stain on them, as well as the nicotine that makes a yellow tint when it is combined with oxygen.  

Food and Beverages

Many types of food and beverages, from red sauce, wine, coffee, tea, ketchup, curry, sweats, and colas, can destroy your white teeth as well.

Bad Dental Hygiene

Last but not least, bad dental hygiene also causes yellow teeth, and you should have good dental hygiene to have whiter teeth and also keep your health in order.  

Here you have the three main reasons, and now let’s see what you can do about it to fix the issue.

Teeth Whitening Products

One easily available option you can use that is not expensive and also practical is to use teeth whitening products. You can use many different options that are presented to you on the market, and Opalescence is one of the best options to use as a premium teeth whitening system. The reason why Opalescence is a highly desired option for getting the desired white teeth is that you can pick from various products and use whitening toothpaste, sensitivity relief toothpaste that also brings whitening into your mouth, or even gels that have cool mint or melon flavors that not only whiten your teeth but also provide you with great taste and fresh breath.  

With products such as these, you can read the information about them, and if everything fits well with you, you can purchase them quickly, and the best part about them is that to be fair, they are not expensive at all. Since you want to have a wonderful combination of whiter teeth and fresh breath, you have to spend a dollar or two in order to achieve your goal. In the end, that does not matter much; the only thing that matters is that you will have the long-desired white teeth. And if you also combine the usage with the top three reasons mentioned above, you will achieve some nice results. 

Keep Your Dental Hygiene

This goes without saying, but it is important to mention once again that you have to keep your dental hygiene at a high level in order to have white teeth. It is also valuable for your general and overall dental health, and consuming unhealthy food and smoking cigarettes won’t help either, so motivate yourself to eat healthily and quit smoking as soon as possible.

You have been hearing about dental health since you were a child, and it is time to apply those tips on a regular basis. Brush your teeth twice a day, and also floss them once a day, and try to make this an everyday habit all the time. Combining your good dental hygiene with teeth whitening products will give you some good results, and what is even better is that the teeth whitening products already help you in this segment. 

Also, when you add the fresh breath you will have all the time, it is a great plus, and your health, in general, will benefit in a great manner from keeping your hygiene at a high level regularly. So don’t waste any more time and start achieving your goal right away.

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