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Art is communication, it is the means that some people have to express their way of perceiving the world. Through different techniques and styles, they send us a message in a more subtle or more direct way. Sometimes, we clearly grasp the expressions they convey to us, but sometimes we are attracted to them without knowing exactly why. Behold, art identifies us, reflects our character, our tastes and even our desires. Most people are receptive to something that, outside of the conventional, moves us. The artist expresses his emotions. One can always choose to buy Paintings online nowadays.

The innate and the intertwined emotions

There are emotions that will be shared, from person to person and from generation to generation, when it comes to new zealand art. You do not need to be an expert to capture messages that can enter by any of our senses. When we obtain a piece of art we know that it is unique, this truly generates the feeling that “something is only ours” and from here we also “say” something through what we have chosen. People buy Art not only as “investment” or to embellish and create a unique space in their environment, but also because it is a static element of live expressions that helps us to continue transmitting. Many will ask themselves what we are based on, who deals with the commercial part of art to decide their prices.

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The various aspects which determines the price of the art

There are many elements that are important to get a final price on a work of art. Palo Santo evaluates different fronts, all equally important. Curriculum of the artist, this implies awards, mentions and acknowledgments at a national and international level, materials with which he works, years of experience and, above all, technique and style that is finally what an artist gets to impact and say that is his challenge. We are lucky that there are some people who have the ability to reflect what we cannot all say with words. One must be very careful and prudent while buying the abstract painting.

The necessary criteria for the prefect evaluation

The Artist and Palo Santo with the support of some professionals in different areas of art, evaluate the work based on the aforementioned to get a real price. On certain occasions, the artist mistakenly tends not to give his work the true value. Sometimes we have to remind them how interesting and complex it can be, impact and transmit emotions through materials that come to life after being wonderfully manipulated. To this, in addition to the questionable 21% VAT, is added the Certificate of Authenticity that Palo Santo provides its customers. This Certificate has a much higher value than those provided by most galleries and dealers (photocopies in black and white) with our Certificate of Authenticity impossible to falsify, paper with watermark and numbered hologram, a work of art becomes an investment of present and future. All these become important in the case of paintings for sale online.

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